The newly renovated Gucci store in Saint-Tropez

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Not long ago, Gucci announced the re-opening of its newly renovated boutique in Saint-Tropez. The boutique is located at 72, rue François Sibilli, between the port and Place des Lices.


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Guests are welcomed to discover the House’s signature handbags lines including the Jackie 1961, the Bamboo 1947 and the Horsebit 1955 along with a curated selection of precious jewelry pieces. In addition, the boutique showcases items from the Gucci Valigeria collection envisioned for the perfect get-away.

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Situated in a classic Saint-Tropez house characterized by the typical green shutters that define the surrounding landscape. The boutique is crowned by a private garden designed around an old well providing guests with a space to relax, enjoy the greenery and immerse themselves in the beautiful atmosphere of the French Riviera.

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The design of the interiors complements the outdoors evoking the unique beauty of the Cote D’Azur through light-toned hues and the implementation of local materials and finishes. Floors are adorned with Liberty style mosaics recreating curved volutes designs typical of the early 20th century. Natural oak panels found across walls harmoniously complement woven rattan finishes in a nod to local craftmanship traditions.

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Envisioned to make guests feel at home, the store is framed with newly designed racks inspired by classic brass designs associated with drawers reminiscent of hard sided trunks inspired by the House’s luggage offer. Carpets and curtains match the boutique’s sophisticated palette evoking the light-hearted spirit of warm summer days. Ensuring the most comfortable and intimate shopping experience, guests may reserve a dedicated room within the store to enjoy privacy and special services tailored to their specific needs.

EDITOR’S TIP: If you’re in St. Tropez, then rent a car from SIXT and take a drive along the coast to Monaco. Visit The Maybourne Riviera and enjoy the view!


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