Ballett & Breakdance

Text Maren Volz
Photos OLYMP Bezner KG
The demands placed on fashion have been undergoing a major change, and not just since the advent of new forms of work. Contemporary clothing must adapt to changing needs, be multifunctional, universally applicable and wearable for different occasions.


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In order to demonstrate the breathable, quick-drying, elastic, non-iron and odour-inhibiting material properties of the OLYMP Jersey shirts, the product specialist cooperates with the two dancers Eric Gauthier and Louis Buß.

Mark Bezner, Managing Partner of OLYMP Bezner KG, says: “The OLYMP 24/Seven jersey shirts have an enormous versatility of uses and also offer an unrestricted high wearing comfort. In order to make this outstanding product performance visible, we have enlisted professional support in the form of Eric Gauthier and Louis Buß. We had both of them compete against each other in a kind of competition with their individual dance styles in order to show in an unusual and vivid way that our jersey shirts follow every movement. What’s more, the two extremely likeable protagonists proved to be almost perfectly suited representatives of our brand off the dance floor as well.”

Within just a few years, Eric Gauthier (43) made the big leap: from charismatic audience favourite of the Stuttgart Ballet, of which he was a member from 1996 to 2007, to internationally renowned choreographer and director of one of the most successful German dance companies. In the meantime, Gauthier Dance is not only causing a sensation in its home Theaterhaus Stuttgart, but also on tours worldwide from Moscow to New York. The repertoire of the multi-talented Eric Gauthier, who studied at renowned Canadian ballet schools such as Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal and the National Ballet School of Canada in Toronto, also includes numerous other artistic fields of activity. He is active as a singer-songwriter and head of his own band as well as a presenter, including his own television series Dance Around the World, a socially engaged dance ambassador with the uplifting motto “Everyone can dance” and as the creator of the biennial Colours International Dance Festival, which has grown from a standing start to become one of Europe’s leading dance festivals.

Louis “Light” Buß from Stuttgart is one of Germany’s best breakdancers. He recently made it onto the first national squad in Germany’s history for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, where the dance style, which originated in the New York ghettos in the early 1970s, will celebrate its Olympic premiere in the “Breaking” category. The 22-year-old has mastered the rhythmic-acrobatic art of performance to breakneck perfection. The so-called “power moves” include the “head spin”, the rotation on the head, the “ninety niners”, a fast rotation in a one-handed handstand, or the “windmills”, the circling around its own axis on the shoulders and upper back, while avoiding contact with the ground with the windmill-like whirling legs.

The material composition used for the OLYMP jersey shirts, made of 92 percent cotton and eight percent elastane, not only has a high degree of stretch, but also a high degree of elasticity, which means that the fabric always returns to its original shape, thus ensuring excellent shape retention. Dynamic pirouettes, capers, jumps and changes are just as much a part of the OLYMP jersey shirts as all kinds of daredevil dance acrobatics.



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