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Joana Heinen is an influencer. But only at first glance. Above all, she is a woman, a person with desires, fears and dreams. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, sister and friend. In other words, she is like us.


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The Internet is her professional platform, social media the basis for her commercial success. Now she is using a printed medium – her book “Oder Nicht oder Doch” – to provide a glimpse behind the “rose-colored facades” of being an influencer. In it, she makes it clear that her job involves far more than holding lipsticks with discount codes up to the camera. It describes the long and challenging journey of a Generation Y entrepreneur. Joana Heinen is a serious ambassador for her industry. She is helping to ensure that “social media creator” and “influencer” are perceived as serious professions.

Time travel or guide

For those of us who have been young for a while, her book may be a little trip back in time to our own past as entrepreneurs or career starters. For everyone else, it can also be a guide that shows that things don’t get any easier in the digital business world, and that the sweetest fruits hang at the top of the tree here, too. In any case, it is an honest book that encourages, comforts and proves that it is worth fighting for your goals and not giving up. Sometimes a change of direction may be necessary to avert the failure of one’s life’s dream.

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The trained photographer has already founded several companies with her husband Niklas, which they have combined under the umbrella of Heinen Lovebrands. Her book is available, among other things, directly from:

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