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The Sixt advertising world shows popular Sixt advertisements on the Internet.


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Online advertising by Sixt, matching current events and occasions have attracted a lot of attention, online as well as offline. This included the special offer in 2010, when the car rental company Sixt advertised with historic BMW. In this advertising campaign, iconic vehicles such as the BMW Z1, BMW 1802 and the BMW Isetta were rented out. Sixt’s BMW rentals were able to delight many customers with fancy and sporty BMW vehicles. Sixt also enables customers on a budget to rent a BMW as BMW 1 Series and BMW 3 Series are available for rent at cheap rates especially on weekends. Sixt is known for such advertisements on the internet and is always associated with extraordinary internet advertisements, banner advertisements, print advertisements and other forms of advertisements.

Advertising is a lot of fun

Not only the online advertisements are known as funny advertisements, but also banner ads on trucks and cars. These vehicles are stickered and embellished with funny motifs, helpful tips and appealing advertising slogans. In 1999, Sixt decorated trucks with funny and helpful truck stickers. One example of these truck sticker slogans is: ? How do I bake a guglhupf?? These truck banner ads brought joy to the faces of Sixt customers and were rewarded by positive feedback.

Sixt advertising is often excellent: Wit and speed are also two reasons why Wirtschaftswoche included the car rental company in its Hall of Fame of German advertising.


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