Located in the heart of the Languedoc in the south of France, Clos du Temple is produced on the historic terroir of Cabrières, the cradle of rosé wines. From 1357, this wine was served at official banquets and experienced its consecration on the tables of the Sun King - Louis XIV, endowed with the brilliant appellation of "royalement contrôlée".


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The Clos du Temple combines its exceptional terroir with an epic history marked by the cultivation of its soil. This began between the 1st and 2nd centuries of our era, when the vineyards of Cabrières came into being with the Roman presence. It was the time of the pax romana, a golden age for viticulture in the Languedoc. Viticulture flourished for centuries around the Château de Cabrières, whose remains still dominate the Clos. In 1224, the Château donated the lands of today’s Clos to the Order of the Knights Templar, who named the vineyard Le Temple.

Character & Nature

The terroir of Clos du Temple derives its uniqueness from its geological formation. It was shaped by the forces of the earth 250 million years ago and was formed during the Hercynian advance that gave rise to the Massif Central and the Montagne Noire. The contact between two geological origins, slate and limestone, and the hilly relief is the cause of a complex network of groundwater circuits that favours an exceptional natural water supply for the vineyards and the emergence of a spring with very pure water. Its altitude of 240 metres combined with its south/south-west exposure contribute to the production of a perfectly balanced wine with a great aromatic freshness. The 8 hectares of the Clos du Temple vineyard are composed of 7 small plots clinging to the flank of the hill, naturally closed off by the relief and vegetation. The very old grape varieties Cinsault, Grenache noir and Syrah are the main grape varieties of the Cabrières appellation. They are ideally adapted to the slatey, filtering and well-exposed soils of Clos du Temple . Viognier gives this cuvée its originality and a pleasant aromatic complexity, and Mourvèdre adds the finishing touch that refines the wine.

Bild 8 Gerard Bertrand clos du temple

Winemaker and creator of ideas for today’s temple architecture Gèrard Bertrand says of the place and the wine: “Clos du Temple is universal and ecumenical, celebrating life, rites and traditions. As a link between the earthly and heavenly dimensions, it determines the rhythm of the seasons and the work of the people. The temple is also the representation of man in his Trinity. This symbolism obliges us to excel and awaken the senses! Let us celebrate life!”

Gerard Bertrand

Editorial tip: With 17 wineries scattered in one of the most remarkable nature of the South of France, Gérard Bertrand is the ambassador of the great wines of Occitania all over the world.


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