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Text Alejha Loren
Photos Amy Shore
Style history is written on London's Savile Row: for generations, men of the world have ordered their suits there, tailored by hand.


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Once upon a time, Norman Dewis OBE was the chief tester who put the finishing touches to countless Jaguar models. During his 33 years at Jaguar in Coventry, the fearless and extremely talented Dewis rose to become England’s most famous test driver. Only when Norman gave his “okay” was a new Jaguar allowed to go into production. His always friendly and modest appearance as well as the nimbus of the indestructible soon gave him legendary status.

The man with the jockey stature remained closely associated with the Jaguar brand as a global brand ambassador until the end. Dewi’s history with Jaguar is as remarkable as the setting of this summit meeting in the rooms of the famous men’s tailor Henry Poole & Co on Savile Row. To that end, it should be noted: Henry Poole & Co was founded

Founded in 1806, it is the founder of Savile Row, the street that stands for more than 200 years of bespoke tailoring tradition worldwide. It was the eponymous Mr Poole who first opened his salon in1846, serving red wine and cigars to friends such as the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and Baron Meyer de Rothschild.

Even today, Henry Poole customers follow in the footsteps of kings, prime ministers, presidents and important personalities from politics, finance and publishing. The cut has to fit – precisely and stylishly, the rest is handwork. At Henry Poole & Co, everything that looks good is tailored by hand: Jackets, trousers, shirts and waistcoats, single-breasted and double-breasted, two- and three-piece suits, tuxedos and tailcoats. A suit costs three to four thousand pounds, special requests extra. Everything is manufactured that is in demand, as long as it remains fine, discreet and distinguished. Tailor-made to perfection. Just old English school.

More about the story of Norman Dewis, David Grandy and Jaguar can be found in RETROWELT#19:

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