Goldies in Berlin Kreuzberg district offers fantastically good fries with gourmet toppings that turn a portion of fries into a whole meal.


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Goldies in Berlin-Kreuzberg district is obviously not an insider tip, and yet we suddenly feel as if we have never seen or eaten more attractive French fries before. If you then take a look at the extensive menu, you really don't get the impression that you're in a chips shop. Kimchi Fusion, Peking Duck, El Gringo Loco or Honeybutter Chicken? However, Goldies has much more to offer than deep-fried potatoes and burgers with sexy names.

In addition to the pre-designed fast food creations, you can of course also put together your own variations. Numerous homemade sauces and other (unusual) ingredients, including vegetarian and vegan, are available for this purpose. If you still don't fancy something greasy, you can simply go with the salad menu. In any case, you won't leave Goldies hungry and even those who like more sauce will definitely not be disappointed.

We don't really need to mention that there is hardly any free seating, both inside and outside, but the standing tables are also excellent. The yellow floor and neon lights create a bit of a diner feeling, with a huge artificial palm tree in the middle - typical Berlin.

Fittingly, you receive a number with your order, which is called over the speaker as soon as the hot food is ready to be taken - as befits a fast food restaurant, on a metal tray, which you also clean up yourself after eating.

goldies berlin kreuzberg pommes frites
goldies berlin kreuzberg pommes frites und chicken
goldies berlin kreuzberg loaded fries

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