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A diverse society - turbulent times due to digitalisation, globalisation and demographic change.


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What does the word colourful actually mean? The dictionary lists various meanings for the word colourful.

“Colourful” can mean “possessing certain, mostly bright colours” – but it can also be a synonym for mixed or varied, for disordered and confusing. The word colourful also appears in many symbolic images and metaphors in the German language – not only a dress or a bouquet of flowers, but also the audience or the programme of an event can be colourful. One person may find it too colourful and another may take it too far – but in any case, our society and its environment are colourful and that’s a good thing!

The aim of our daily work and our commitment is to communicate the openness and tolerance practised at Fischermann.Media to the outside world. We are personally committed to this: Heike Lange, Florian Gerlach, Andreas Guth and Joachim Fischer.

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