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Fischermann.Media is itself colourful and diverse and that is precisely why we are happy to support many different projects that are committed to a colourful, diverse, mixed, ... society and the environment.


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Because we are a little proud of our customers who make this possible, we would like to present a project close to our hearts here. All the magazines we produce for our customers are FSC-certified and also help to protect our environment by offsetting CO2 emissions.

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The Bergwaldprojekt e.V., which is supported in this way, protects the local forests with volunteers and professional helpers. Every year, 2,000 people are deployed at 51 locations in Germany. The project has been improving the living conditions for capercaillie and hazel grouse in Freiburg’s city forest since 2001. For both grouse species, the Black Forest is one of the last intact habitats outside the Alps. Capercaillie need closed thickets to protect their young from predators, open areas with bilberries and cranberries as food and individual trees as roosting sites. Other animal species such as black woodpeckers, red wood ants and adders also benefit from such a mosaic of areas. With their efforts, the volunteers strengthen biodiversity and thus the resilience of the forest to climate change. Our customers’ direct contribution to the mountain forest project helps to finance the weeks of work.

Further information on the amount of CO2 offset and the project can be found here:


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