Unseen: #Porsche Vision racing service

Text Joachim Fischer
Photos Porsche
They are multifunctional and the most important companion of every racing team. No, for once we're not talking about the racing cars here, but those big pack mules that have always carried these bolodes to the race track.


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Wherever automobiles take part in a race or rally, you will find the corresponding historic transporters, or racing transporters. This also applies to the Porsche brand. But what would a Porsche look like today in which the spatial experience-the theme of the race transporter-is in the foreground? Is such a car even compatible with the brand values? Michael Mauer and his team have the answer to these questions with an unusual automotive vision. And so the Porsche “racing service” vision was presented. The author’s favorite model from the Porsche “Unssen” series, shown here, made it all the way to a 1:1 scale hard model. Launched as a racing companion, it could also be a free variation of the family-friendly van for up to six people at any time. As one of the family vehicles that already stand in numerous garages right next to the sports car from Zuffenhausen. It even has an ancestor in Porsche’s brand history: the legendary VW Renndienst Transporter.


However, it was clear to Michael Mauer from the outset that a Porsche large-capacity automobile could not be conceived and designed as a puritanically practical bus, but had to break new ground. And so the team designed a futuristic “space glider” with exciting proportions that combines sportiness with travel comfort in a completely new way. And yet is recognizable as a Porsche at first glance. The body, which is designed from a single mould, with its flat front, powerfully flared wheel arches and asymmetrical window design, makes you “forget all conventional categories”, according to the Porsche press release. Inside, passengers can then expect an extremely comfortable and modular travel cabin.

Of course, the Porsche Vision “Racing Service” is still just an idea. And yet such experimental visions are of essential importance to Porsche, as the sports car manufacturer informs us. They help to “explore spaces of possibility and question familiar thought patterns and conventions. This is the only way to keep reinventing the wheel.

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A detailed interview with Michael Mauer andGordenWagener can currently be found in the online magazine of RETROWELT #21 (article only available in German)

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