Deep Breathing, Cold Showers, Keeping It Up

Text Ben Machow
Photos Wim Hof Innerfire B.V.
Wim Hof is cult, his method. It's about breathing exercises, contact with coldness and regular perseverance in personal development.


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The promises circulating on the net are great. From health and fitness to joie de vivre and stress resistance, the Wim Hof Method (WHM) is supposed to increase just about everything. As a mountain lover and outdoor enthusiast, you can hardly get past this bearded Dutchman with his cold and breathing training.

What is so new and special about the Wim Hof method?

Kneipp baths and cold therapies have been around for centuries, consciously controlled and altered breathing for millennia and in many cultures. Tibetan monks and Indian yogis have been known for “impossible” physical and mental feats since time immemorial anyway. Seen in this way, on its own, the Wim Hof method is something new.

He sat in an ice bath for almost two hours, climbed Kilimanjaro in just shorts and shoes, and ran a half marathon barefoot through Arctic ice fields at minus 20 degrees: Wim Hof is convinced that he is not an exceptional case – every human being can do the seemingly impossible!

“With the Wim Hof Method, you will awaken to your inner source of power and fulfillment. You will find that you can take control of your destiny.” Wim Hof

Passionate and captivating, Wim Hof describes his path to becoming a world-famous “Iceman” and presents his revolutionary method in detail for the first time. This is based on three pillars: the power of cold, conscious breathing and mental training. The Wim Hof method is scientifically accompanied at eight universities worldwide. The latest research findings and astonishing experience reports show that it already improves health decisively within a few days: it strengthens the immune system, increases stress resistance, improves sleep patterns and enables higher athletic and mental performance. Whether young or old – everyone can apply the Wim Hof method and access undreamt-of sources of energy, activate self-healing powers and break down inner limits.

However, a warning is in order

There are numerous pictures and videos to see of Wim Hof and his method, which should rather be seen as stunts and show interludes – and not as a plot template for beginners!

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