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In addition to its numerous sights, the state capital of Stuttgart also has a large number of art museums that are known worldwide for their exhibitions and attract thousands of visitors every year. We show you the most popular art museums in Stuttgart.


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Pure culture: If you want to discover Stuttgart, you can’t miss the countless art museums in the state capital. The top-class exhibitions on art, architectural history, regional history and ethnology are considered a paradise for culture enthusiasts.

Kultur Museen in Stuttgart Bild 1 Kunstmuseum

Art Museum Photo: Art Museum


The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart was opened in March 2005 right in the heart of Stuttgart and since then has offered visitors regularly changing exhibitions and collections. The glass construction makes the museum a real eye-catcher and can be described as a Stuttgart landmark. A disused tunnel system made it possible to expand the exhibition space to 5000 square metres. Top: Otto Dix works, regular special exhibitions. Centrally located on Schlossplatz, in the middle of Königstraße, the “Kubus” offers not only art but also a café and a restaurant with a special view over the city.

Kultur Museen in Stuttgart Bild 2 Staatsgalerie

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart Photo: Staatsgalerie

With its large number of important works of art, the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is one of the most important and popular museums in Baden-Württemberg and has one of the most important art collections in Germany. Covering approximately 12,000 square metres, the museum’s main focus is on classical modernism with works dating from 1900 to 1980. As of March 2019, Banksy’s famous shredded work “Love is in the Bin” could also be viewed there.

Kultur Museen in Stuttgart Bild 3 Naturkundemuseum

Natural History Museum Rosenheim Castle Stuttgart  Photo: Natural History Museum.


With over 12 million objects in its collection, the Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart is one of Germany’s largest natural history museums. The Museum Schloss Rosenstein is one of the two. The two museums are separated by Rosenstein Park. While the Museum Schloss Rosenstein is dedicated to biology, the Museum am Löwentor focuses on palaeontology and geology. Both exhibitions can be visited with a combined ticket.

Kultur Museen in Stuttgart Bild 4 Naturkunde Neckartor

Natural History Museum at the Neckartor Stuttgart Photo: Naturkundemuseum


The Museum of Natural History at the Löwentor emerged from the natural history collection of the Dukes of Württemberg established in 1791. Today, the museum is home to the large palaeontological exhibition with a large number of fossils and replicas of animals and plants dating back hundreds of millions of years. On 3,500 square metres of exhibition space, dinosaurs and other animal species cavort in landscapes that are true to life and reconstructed according to scientific findings.

Kultur Museen in Stuttgart Bild 5 Landesmuseum

Landesmuseum Stuttgart Photo: Landesmuseum


The Landesmuseum Württemberg is located directly on Schlossplatz and thus in a central inner-city location. In 1862, King Wilhelm I of Württemberg founded the predecessor of today’s Landesmuseum, which now occupies the Old Palace. In the museum you can find regional history from the Stone Age to the Celtic period, the Romans, the Alemanni, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque and the 19th century.

Kultur Museen in Stuttgart Bild 6 Lindenmuseum

Lindenmuseum Stuttgart Photo: Lindenmuseum


The Linden Museum, located in Stuttgart’s city centre, is a state museum and one of the largest ethnological museums in Europe. In changing exhibitions, it shows basic themes of humanity, cultural developments and different faiths. From Africa to North and Latin America to the Islamic Orient and Asia. Special guided tours are available for school classes, kindergartens and adult groups.

Kultur Museen in Stuttgart Bild 7 Stadtpalais

Lindenmuseum Stuttgart Photo: Lindenmuseum


The Stadtpalais Stuttgart is a museum about the city of Stuttgart and its history. In 1840, the historic Wilhelmspalais was built for the Württemberg princesses Marie and Sophie and was the residence of King Wilhelm II of Württemberg until 1918. In spring 2018, the former municipal library (1965-2011) became today’s Stadtpalais – the Stuttgart City Museum.

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