The BMW X3

So good that competitors find it difficult to keep up with the BMW X3 in terms of driving and cornering dynamics.


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To date, over 1.5 million units of the BMW X3 have been sold. It is worth taking a closer look at its future prospects for success and its characteristics in terms of space, boot space, engines, safety features and equipment – and what not.

bmw x3 04

The rear-biased chassis, the reliable all-wheel drive and the powerful four and six-cylinder engines with up to 286 hp give the X3 of the third series dynamic handling, especially when cornering.

bmw x3 05

Compared to the predecessor model, the X3 has increased in dimensions, with a length of 4.71 metres, a width of 1.89 metres and a height of 1.68 metres. The increased wheelbase of 2.86 metres improves driving comfort and interior space without compromising the boot capacity of 550 litres.

bmw x3 06

The X3 has more mature proportions than its predecessor. Seating comfort has been noticeably increased both at the front and rear. The equipment with driving assistance systems and infotainment now reaches the high level of BMW’s 5 Series.

bmw x3 03

The revised front end with a steeper nose and elongated fog lights improves aerodynamics and lowers the drag coefficient to 0.29 (previously 0.34). This not only enables faster driving performance, but also slightly lower fuel consumption.

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