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The impact of the pandemic has shown how important our home is. Equally important is the realization that we should best spend our free time with good friends. Cooking together is not only a nice and creative activity - after the hard work, you and your guests will also be rewarded with a cozy meal with stimulating conversations.


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A kitchen is never for you alone. It is a place not only for the people who use it, but also for the environment. This is how an apartment becomes a home, a house becomes a home. And in a good kitchen you will not only find plates, pans and cutlery, but also personal things.

It is more than a job, more than a part of a production process. A kitchen is a center, a point of reference, a reference to those who move in it. It is a reflection of its inhabitants.

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A good kitchen brings people together

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Cooking with friends. When planning, it is important to take into account how many guests participate in the joint cooking so that a sufficient amount of food and ingredients is also in stock.

At this point, we never tire of recommending the best, ideally regional products to you. Of course, the equipment also plays an important role: a kitchen from Poggenpohl, Germany’s oldest kitchen manufacturer.

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+MODO is the premium cuisine of creatives and artists

The Poggenpohl +MODO is a model in the field of tension between architectural contrasts: cool stone meets warm wood, an open kitchen island meets locked tall cabinets and cube-shaped glass showcases meet individual exhibits.

+MODO The philosophy of the architect Jorge Pensi

When architect Jorge Pensi was asked by Poggenpohl in 2005 to develop the new +MODO model, he decided to create a harmonious piece of kitchen culture from opposites.

He wanted to incorporate the decades of experience of the Poggenpohl company, but also its status as a luxury kitchen manufacturer, into the planning of +MODO, as well as his own imprint on objects of simple stringency that architects love so much. The result is an aesthetic design kitchen with a high degree of functionality, the contrasts of which create a cohesive overall picture. Pensi says:

“+MODO is a landscape of horizontal lines, open and sometimes closed, flooded with light, with a combination of cold and warm materials. It’s simple, but at the same time it has a clear identity that should meet all the wishes of the consumer and please the architects.”

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