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In 2004, the owners of the Lymm Water Tower chose a Poggenpohl kitchen in this historic building; Now, almost 20 years later, and with a little refresh with new door fronts, the room looks brand new!


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The Lymm Water Tower is a sublime example of quiet modernism, at ease in its historic context while focusing on sensitive, contemporary architecture, whereas it would have been easy to resort to reproduction or imitation. The new works in synergy with the old and, thanks to the careful and sensitive handling of the materials and the interior, has the feeling and appearance of quality – rich in utility and pleasure – the benchmark for good architecture.

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Unsurprisingly, the tower, which took three architects and seven years to build, has won a number of awards. Not only did Kevin McCloud choose it as one of his top 100 Grand Designs, but the house has also won a plethora of awards. From awards for build quality to architectural design, the house has won 11 prizes: in 2005 it was the Daily Telegraph’s overall winner and in 2006 the winner of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Awards. The tower, designed by Ellis Williams Architects, spectacularly combines the old with the new. According to the architect Julian Baker, an extreme building was the only way to complement the eccentricity of the tower. “The tower is so distinctive that we couldn’t hope to replicate it with the new building. We would have had to use the same stone and imitate its construction, and the two buildings would have competed with each other. In this way, there is a complete contrast between the styles, with the new building matching the humor of the old. Despite its austerity, the house exudes tranquillity; Lighting, both electric and natural, plays an important role here, for which lighting designer Kate Wilkins has received much praise and the odd award.

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Mit Blick auf die FrühstüOverlooking the breakfast terrace and koi pond, the kitchen is a double-height space with a gallery above. The fully equipped kitchen is white, completely handleless and very spacious; The central Corian island is a 4 m long block of white Corian.

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