Rent & Test an Electric Car

Text Joachim Fischer
Photos Sixt, Hersteller
The demand for passenger cars has increased rapidly in recent months, mainly due to the growing popularity of electric and hybrid cars.


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Unfortunately, you can rarely try out an electric car without being annoyed with advertisements. At Sixt, they can be rented and tested. “We are literally being overrun,” said a Sixt station manager. “Once again, we have a huge demand without doing much advertising.” Not only is there a lot of interest from manufacturers, but also from Sixt, he said. The increased demand could be related to the fact that there are hardly any comparable offers to rent and test so far. Anyone who has been driving a combustion engine and would like to try out an electric car has only a few options: book a test drive at a car dealership or use an electric car-sharing service. It is better to rent an electric car. During the (test) drive with the electric rental car, you can see for yourself whether an electric car suits you or not.

Asked about e-cars in the Sixt rental car fleet, Alexander Sixt* says he would “love to buy more electric cars”. He assumes that Sixt will have up to 100,000 electric vehicles in its global fleet by 2030, a share of a good third. Sixt is already reacting to the electric car boom, for example by investing in its own charging infrastructure, for which a good 50 million euros have been earmarked over the next five years.

And where can you charge now? Also in the countryside? In the meantime, many municipalities are investing in an infrastructure, but also more and more supermarkets offer charging options. You can also download various APPs to select the nearest charging station. Plug in the cable, hold the charging card at the charging station, and go!

The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) also considers the increasing number of alternative drive systems to be a great success. And at this year’s IAA, it shows where the car industry is heading: almost only electric cars are on show. These are the innovations that will be presented in Munich.


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