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The SIXT headquarters in Pullach shines in new splendour! With almost 2,200 locations in 105 countries, SIXT Autovermietung is one of the world's leading providers of car hire and car sharing services. The company has recently extensively modernised its headquarters in the idyllic Isar Valley in Pullach.


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The focus of the extensive renovation work was on creating a dynamic working environment that promotes well-being, creativity and a strong identification with the brand.

The carpet solutions from OBJECT CARPET are an impressive central design element. The result is bright office spaces that create an open and communicative atmosphere, but also enable focussed work. A special feature of the design concept are various photographic wallpapers that capture a variety of impressions of nature and enliven the individual rooms in a unique way. The motifs include, for example, a school of mackerel, a dense deciduous forest or a herd of water buffalo. These images are complemented by lifelike figures associated with the respective habitats, such as a great white shark, a bull or an upright grizzly bear.

Another outstanding detail is the consistent use of the corporate colour orange in all areas, which reflects dynamism, innovative strength and the focus on a modern working culture. This colour scheme extends from individual walls to the fabric covers of the screens and the stylised animal tracks that are repeatedly found on the ceilings. The POODLE 1400 carpet from OBJECT CARPET, in orange, creates visual highlights in one of the meeting rooms, for example, or as a geometric accent pattern in the open-plan office. The extraordinary appearance of the luxurious shag creates a cosy and elegant atmosphere. With excellent comfort and durability values as well as dirt-repellent properties, the high-pile quality POODLE with its richly nuanced colour palette of 45 positions is also impressive in the contract sector.

This colour scheme can also be found in other rooms, where the carpet is available in subtle grey, soft green or cool sea blue, depending on the interior. As an unbeatable sound absorber, POODLE scores with outstanding acoustic values in terms of sound absorption and impact sound reduction. Free from bitumen and PVC and low in odour and emissions, POODLE contributes to a healthy indoor climate. Furthermore, POODLE quality is TÜV-tested and certified by GuT and Blue Angel.



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