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Text Joachim Fischer
Photos Tom Shaxson
What makes a star? Many things: Allure, the mixture of closeness and unattainability, glamour, pose, figure...


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… and above all and not least: the face. Stars have special faces, faces are their trademark, the condensation of their being: Joan Collins has had the same one for ages; Cher’s is getting younger and younger. And Brad Pitt’s face … everyone just likes it. What’s the reason for that? Well, Brad Pitt seems attractive to us – women and men alike – because his face exhibits a mixture of masculine and feminine attributes. Since time immemorial, cars have had faces: eyes (= headlights) and symmetry are enough for human perception to construct a face because the brain is conditioned that way. Various studies have shown that the front view of a car is often perceived as a face. So the headlights are the eyes, and the grille forms the nose/mouth area. Cars have a face. And that triggers emotions. Emotions that can influence the car buyer’s behavior, driving style and identification with the vehicle. First of all, however, the expression and proportions of the car’s face are used to draw conclusions about the car itself: the car is assumed to have characteristics. Or is that all too general? And isn’t a car face more about the emotions we experience when we look at it, whether we like it or find it impressive and therefore want to have it? After all, emotions are an important reason for buying a specific car. In this respect, it is gratifying to discover a new face in the crowd for once: The new GENESIS GV 70. With this, Genesis Motor Europe enters the European stage this summer and will start its gradual launch with Germany, Switzerland as well as the UK.


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Dominique Boesch, Managing Director for Genesis Motor Europe, commented: “Our mission will be to offer much more than just excellent vehicles. We know from our own experience that today’s discerning customers crave that little bit extra. As a premium luxury brand, it is up to us to offer this very special all-round service. In doing so, they enjoy personalized customer care because the Korean understanding of service is top priority and this sets us apart from the competition.” Orders for the Genesis G80 sedan and Genesis GV80 SUV can be taken soon. And then? It’s easy for us to imagine this face becoming a classic one day.

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