The trendy grape variety from Italy #Primitivo

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Die Trend-Rebsorte aus Italien #Aufmacher Primitivo
Primitivo wines are - in the truest sense of the word - on everyone's lips. But what is Primitivo, how do the wines taste and where do they come from? We summarize everything important about the Italian trend grape variety.


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Primitivo is a red grape variety that is mainly cultivated in the south of Italy. By the way, the name has nothing to do with “primitive”, but it is rather a reference to the early ripeness of the grapes and probably comes from the Italian word “prima” – the first.

Where does Primitivo come from?

The main growing area for Primitivo is Apulia – or Puglia, as the region is called in Italian. The sun-drenched region is located in the very south of the country, in the “heel” of the Italian boot. With its hot and dry summers and the cool breeze of the Adriatic coast, Puglia offers ideal conditions for red wines – especially for Primitivo.

What is Primitivo?

If the bottle says “Primitivo di Manduria DOC”, the grapes may only come from very specific areas around the city of Manduria – Apulia’s first address for Primitivo. The DOC seal stands for a controlled origin of quality wines from certain growing areas. Besides the origin, a Primitivo di Manduria DOC has to be made of at least 85 percent Primitivo variety and has to have a certain alcohol content. Often, Primitivo is also vinified in barrels. Then, it is allowed to bear the addition Riserva. A speciality is Appassimento. Here, dried grapes are used for the production, which makes the wines even more intense, fuller and more aromatic.

Primitivo and Zinfandel = one variety?

When you talk about Primitivo, Zinfandel is not far behind. Both are one and the same grape variety. Zinfandel, however, is predominantly cultivated in California. Where the origin of both sorts is, is not completely clarified until today. Even though Primitivo has a long tradition in Apulia, the grape variety most likely comes from areas even further east.

Even though Primitivo and Zinfandel are identical in their DNA, a Californian Zinfandel tastes far spicier and less fruit-driven than an Italian Primitivo.

What do Primitivo wines taste like?

Primitivo from Apulia means first and foremost fruit, fruit and more fruit! The pronounced aromas are reminiscent of blackberries and raspberries, plums or black cherries. In addition, there are notes of spices like cinnamon, clove and pepper. Also dark chocolate can often be perceived in Primitivo.

Overall, Primitivo wines are very aromatic, opulent and full-bodied, yet incredibly soft and smooth. They have little acidity and no extreme tannins, which makes them very pleasant and accessible. The full fruit aromas give the wines a great juiciness – and this delights wine beginners as well as die-hard red wine fans.

Due to its accessible and warm-soft nature, Primitivo is wonderfully suitable as a soloist in the glass, but it is of course also a great companion to food. Since Primitivo itself has such a strong taste, the dish should not be too light. A great combination is the wine with lamb. Especially if this is oriental inspired, for example with dried fruits and lots of spices, great taste experiences result. If you like it a little less fancy, try Primitivo with meatballs in tomato sauce – an Italian classic with Italian wine.

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