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Design is known to be the art of combining function with aesthetics. The young fashion brand Liapure Design Studio from Munich fulfills this claim with its garments par excellence. There are timeless fashion classics à la Jil Sander to discover, sustainably produced, comfortable to wear and easy to care for.

"For me, clothes have to be comfortable but also look beautiful," says Liapure founder Leonie Isabel Appels, who studied at the renowned Boccioni University in Milan, among other places. Her main collection now consists of more than 21 different essentials: basic pieces from blouses to trousers, available in elegant colors like black, beige, cream and this fall also brand new in navy blue. "The tank top can be ideally combined with our skirt in summer, while in winter it is a great eye-catcher under one of our cashmere-merino cardigans," explains the Liapure designer.

Seasonally independent and easily combinable with each other: Leonie Appels fulfills this claim with her Essentials creations right down the line. What's more, all the garments are made exclusively in this country. The high-quality, breathable and easy-care materials such as organic cotton or modal come from Italy from Innova Fabrics from Portugal from Tintex and Germany. "All Essentials are practical and easy to care for. . "Even our silk products can be machine washed with ease," explains the founder.

Another special feature of the stylish Liapure essentials is the cutting technique and the thoughtful fit that goes with it. "Every piece fits perfectly, nothing baggy or wrinkles," explains Leonie Appels. Quite the opposite: the pieces hug the body without constricting, don't wrinkle even after washing, and look wonderfully casual at the same time.

If you want something a little more unusual, but still don't want to compromise on fit, comfort or sustainability, the Atelier collection from the young Munich-based brand is the perfect choice. It is virtually the heart of my brand and complements the Atelier collection with stylish eye-catchers," says Leonie Appels. The fashion designer herself only tailors five to eight models twice a year. "These are not reproduced and are also only available in three different sizes."

Whether embroidered silk blouses, hand-knitted cashmere pieces, or a boucle blouse with a flower-shaped back décolleté, feminine, slightly playful details characterize the pieces in the Atelier collection. "Each piece is an eye-catcher on its own, but all creations in the line can also be wonderfully combined with the Essentials. And, of course, we offer made-to-measure pieces upon request," explains the designer.

Liapure Design Studio's high-quality range now also includes the first Essentials for men in the form of T-shirts. Not only at Christmas a suitable gift for the style-conscious father or partner.

The high-quality range of Liapure Design Studio now also includes the first pieces of jewelry in cooperation with goldsmiths from Germany or accessories such as cashmere beanies and soon a silk foulard! Not only at Christmas a suitable gift for the style-conscious mom or partner.

To create a timelessly beautiful look, which is also wonderfully comfortable - that succeeds with the aesthetic premium fashion of Liapure Design Studio easily.

By the way, on July 05, 2021 the young designer received the Bunte New Faces Award Style for Young Designers. The whole CG team congratulates from the bottom of our hearts!

Liapure Design Studio

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