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Verena Schulze from Jardin de Bruno talks in this interview about how the collaboration with her father Bruno looks like.

Verena Schulze from Jardin de Bruno talks in this interview about how the collaboration with her father Bruno looks like.

Fascination is what unites father and daughter. The fascination for botany, for the daily little wonders of plants, for beauty. Behind the family-run label Jardin de Bruno are Verena Schulze and her father Bruno, whose father, by the way, was also named Bruno. The exclusive natural cosmetics focus fully on the original power of plant-based active ingredients and pure natural oils.

But the story behind the label Jardin de Bruno also inspires with intimate family ties, a shared connection to nature and enthusiasm for nature with its immense cosmetic potential. Bruno Schulze's youngest daughter Verena Schulze told us in an interview that this cornerstone for Jardin de Bruno was laid in her cradle. 

Like father, like daughter

Bruno Schulze himself has worked for decades as a pharmacist for offical pharmaceuticals. In addition, he spent decades developing cosmetics and a special sleeping juice that was also exported abroad, as well as ointments for joint pain and the like. The passionate Latin has always been fascinated by plants and their excellent mode of action. He also passes on this curiosity to his children. On vacation, they roam for hours through botanical gardens, rubbing leaves between their fingers, learning all the many names and designations of the most diverse plants - the Latin ones, of course.

His youngest daughter Verena accompanies father Bruno to the pharmacy as a child. In the lab, he shows her how to stir creams; the scents and different textures fascinate the young girl. Pharmacy is far from her mind later on, but her fascination with cosmetics remains. As she grew older, Verena Schulze began to look into ingredients. Her enthusiasm and interest in ingredients are quickly reawakened. In the process, she discovers that many expensive brands are not as great as one often thinks, and that one often pays extra for the international brand name.


In many conversations with father Bruno, Verena learns which plants unfold which mode of action when they are used in cosmetics. "It is really highly exciting what is in many oils and what they do," Verena Schulze summarizes. The idea emerges to develop something that she would also like to use herself. Although Bruno Schulze is now 81 and has been leasing his pharmacy for some time, his curiosity for the secrets of plants and their possibilities to perform small cosmetic miracles is still undimmed.

Verena Schulze knows that her father not only has this enormous expertise, but is actually keen to try something new. One day, they therefore decided to develop something together. In 2018, they both founded the label Jardin de Bruno. Bruno Schulze, thanks to his manifold knowledge of the forces of botany, is the idea generator and sparring partner of his daughter. Together they have managed to create care that works entirely through the forces of nature. The Grace range includes the wonderful serum, an eye cream and a face cream and is inspired by Grace Kelly and her grace. "She always had such beautifully cared-for skin and was still beautiful well into her 40s," Verena Schulze enthuses. 


When it comes to cosmetic functions, Bruno Schulze regularly demonstrates his expertise: "He then says we should add witch hazel, which makes the pores contract." Just as they used to do in the pharmacy, they develop formulations together, experimenting with oils and herbs in their father's large office. It's pretty convenient that they live right next door to each other. After that, everything else is put in professional hands. Some experts help Jardin de Bruno to give the final formulas their uniqueness and high effectiveness. For example, the Grace formula contains a plant-based blue light filter from the butterfly flower.

The effectiveness of the serum is currently being tested on test subjects at the University of Cologne by means of a scientific study. The renowned physician Dr. Dr. Oliver Thiele is a fan of Jardin de Bruno: "The products are the best I know and the care is highly effective," he says.  


Verena Schulze is proud to have developed products with a total wow effect. She herself loves the wonderful smooth feeling of well-groomed skin with the great light fragrance of the Grace series. The entire circle of family and friends now swears by Jardin de Bruno and is regularly called in for testing. Currently, for example, to test the new fleece and cream masks with paracress and witch hazel extracts, which are to complement the Grace series. "They're really sensational. If all the friends want it in the end, that's proof that we've done everything right," enthuses Verena Schulze.

In the meantime, she says, Jardin de Bruno has become a regular runner, and everything fits together. The brand is also so well received, says Verena Schulze, because she and her father enjoy Jardin de Bruno so much and the energy is so good. "We're on fire for what we do - that resonates with people. We all use the products ourselves, even my father uses the serum," Verena reveals. Jardin de Bruno is not a hard-hitting giant business, but a down-to-earth family company with excellent products, which also focuses on transparency and education. After all, you have nothing to hide when you rely entirely on the power of nature.

The next step is to create a Supreme cream. For Verena's mother and her friends, for whom the Grace series is no longer quite enough. Jardin de Bruno is also already thinking about a young line and a detox series. Bruno and Verena Schulze are still working on the right formula - together, of course.

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