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Of course, London again and again. Everyone knows London when it comes to a city trip to England. And yes, currently on everyone's lips is Manchester - probably because of football - and of course Liverpool.


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Also because of football, but perhaps more because it is the city from which the legendary Beatles started their triumphal march around the world. But cities like Leeds, Birmingham or Oxford? All names of cities you’ve heard before, but with which you generally associate little. We think, quite wrongly. Because our city recommendations have a lot to offer. Buildings and traditions from long centuries, more and more modern architecture, a young cultural and club scene and hip hotels. And last but not least, friendly residents who welcome their guests with a quirky charm and a typically British eccentricity.

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#1 London

London is still one of the most exciting metropolises for tourists from all over the world: Historical buildings as testimonies of past times stand right next to the most modern high-rise architecture. London is on the one hand “Very British” and traditional, on the other hand a multicultural melting pot. Artists and creative trendsetters from theatre, art, literature, music and innovative fashion designers make the pulsating city on the Thames vibrate.

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#2 Manchester

As the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the city has a proud history. But Manchester is also a vibrant hotspot with a diverse nightlife, a lively arts scene and excellent cultural offerings. We’ve put together a few tips for your city break in the English music capital. And yes, Cristiano Ronaldo has also returned to Manchester United.

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#3 Liverpool

Liverpool is a mecca for music lovers and football fans alike. Liverpool FC is one of the most legendary football clubs in the United Kingdom – and it was here that the famous Merseybeat was born, which made the Beatles and others famous worldwide. Liverpool is also a cultural capital with numerous art galleries, museums and a vibrant nightlife. Here are the highlights of the city that you should not miss on your next trip to Liverpool.

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#4 Birmingham

Birmingham, located in the West Midlands, is the largest British city outside London. Although the soul of this city still lies in the industrial revolution, it is changing into a modern metropolis. Meanwhile Birmingham is an important address for creative and innovative people and scores with a variety of trendy locations.

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#5 Leeds

Located in West Yorkshire, Leeds is a vibrant city. No less than three
universities are home to many students from Germany and abroad, giving the city a young and friendly flair. In the midst of the modern cityscape, one encounters a nostalgic atmosphere and representative buildings in many historical architectural styles. Particularly attractive are the magnificent Victorian shopping arcades with a wonderful mix of traditional shops and contemporary stores. More tips from the editors on Leeds.


#6 Oxford

The first thing that comes to mind about Oxford and dominates the city: its university; Oxford University is said to be one of the best in the world and the oldest in the English-speaking world. Today, Oxford University consists of more than 40 colleges throughout the city. However, it’s a city that has much more to offer. Editor’s tips about Oxford.


#7 Bristol

What was once unknown Bristol has become an attractive city with a modern harbour promenade and lively nightlife. Its maritime heritage is still evident in the cobbled streets, old pubs and huge warehouses. Take plenty of time to visit Bristol and the nearby city of Bath on a tour of South West England.

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