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Brechts Steakhaus at Berlin Food Week 2021

Text Ronja C. Kolls / Creme Guides
Photos © Selina Schrader
Brechts Steakhaus in Berin Mitte is located directly on the Spree and will be serving a climate-friendly city menu for Berlin Food Week 2021.


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Would you have known? Playwright Bertolt Brecht was a true lover of meat, as he wrote "... to be laid in the pit without having enjoyed a mouthful of good meat is inhuman ...". How fitting that not far from where he once worked, the famous Berlin Ensemble, this beautiful steakhouse bears his name.

Its façade is lushly overgrown with ivy, tables set in white in the style of a brasserie are evidence of style, and the otherwise restrained ambience make Brecht's steakhouse a place where the focus is clearly on enjoyment. A good piece of meat, as we know here at Brechts Steakhaus, only succeeds when the focus is on the highest quality.

That is why only genuine gourmet meat from demanding suppliers such as True Wilderness or Dry Aged pioneer Vinzenzmurr is roasted to perfection here. Whole cattle are even processed in Brecht's own cutting kitchen - a real rarity. But the special highlight at Brechts Steakhaus is the Rubia Gallega from Spain - some say it is the best steak in the world.

But of course it can and should not always be just entrecôte. Fresh lobster, juicy burgers, grilled vegetables and crisp salads are also convincing apart from prime cuts, fillets and tartare. Add to this the wonderfully cosy places directly on the Spree promenade - here you don't just indulge in delicacies after all. 

A pleasure - not only - but especially for friends of a good steak. But despite all this, the climate should not be forgotten. It is particularly significant for a steakhouse to think about climate-neutral gastronomy that promotes sustainable agriculture. We are therefore extremely excited to see what Brechts Steakhaus will conjure up as a climate-friendly menu for the city menu of the Berlin Food Week 2021.

Translated by Alexander Brandes

brechts steakhaus berlin
brechts steakhaus berlin
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