Brechts Steakhaus

Brechts Steakhaus in Berin Mitte is located directly on the Spree and will be serving a climate-friendly city menu for Berlin Food Week 2021.

Brechts Steakhaus in Berin Mitte is located directly on the Spree and will be serving a climate-friendly city menu for Berlin Food Week 2021.

Would you have known? Playwright Bertolt Brecht was a true lover of meat, as he wrote "... to be laid in the pit without having enjoyed a mouthful of good meat is inhuman ...". How fitting that not far from where he once worked, the famous Berlin Ensemble, this beautiful steakhouse bears his name.

That's why only genuine gourmet meat from discerning suppliers is roasted to perfection here. The repertoire includes Argentinian and Irish producers, which no steakhouse should be without, but also high-quality producers from Pomerania and Rico Schlegel for the unique premium cuts. In Brecht's own cutting kitchen, whole cattle are processed, and the Dry Age is home-matured - a real rarity. And the young team around chef Enrico Wirth knows how to prepare them perfectly.  

But of course, it can and should not always be just entrecôte. Fresh lobster, juicy burgers, grilled vegetables, and crisp salads are also convincing beyond prime cuts, fillets and tartare. The kitchen team mixes the classic with the new and offers a minimalist yet high-quality steakhouse experience. Add to that the beautifully secluded spots directly on the Spreepromenade - you're not just indulging in delicacies after all.

Although we visit Brechts Steakhouse on one of those strangely warm late October days, the reason for which we probably don't need to lament anymore, we are drawn inside, where we imagine ourselves in the times of the eponym in the large yet cosy dining room under an Otto Dix painting.

In keeping with the style, we enjoy a glass of the Pommery on offer as an aperitif. This time the order is shorter than in our other restaurant visits because we want to taste the aforementioned dry-aged beef, which, thanks to the dry-aged experience for two, provides us with more than 400 grams per person.

Therefore, we start the meat experience with an appetiser selection for two, both varied and light. Tender beef tartare and, as a vegetarian counterpart, beetroot, pimentos de Padron, fried prawns, dates wrapped in bacon, brown bread chips and dips make for a varied and not-too-filling starter that leaves you wanting more.

And more is coming. The Dry Aged Experience is carved tableside and includes a quartet of Argentinian and Irish roast beef and rib eye. Cooked to perfection, tender and exceptionally flavourful thanks to the Dry Age process. The whole thing is accompanied by fries, salad, and a full glass of South African Shiraz. We are sure that connoisseur Brecht would also applaud this. 

Daily: noon - midnight

Brechts Steakhaus

+49 30 275 720 37

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