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As soon as the days get shorter and the fog lingers on lakes and in the valleys in the morning, the golden season sometimes begins: autumn.


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Everywhere there is an intense scent of fruit such as apples and pears, of hay and woody aromas of fir forest and stone pines. The whole country seems enchanted, there is a delicate touch of melancholy in the air, as well as a first cool freshness of the coming, cold season can be sensed. It almost seems as if the course of the seasons can be grasped. The annual change in nature plays around our senses, lets us breathe deeply and come to rest …

Tips for a relaxing autumn

Under these links you will find selected destinations for a relaxing holiday.

Maybe we should just make a short detour to neighboring Austria. Relax for a few more days before the cold winds bring the first snow.

Even more inspiration for a relaxing fall.



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