Sulamot – music for social change

The Social and Emotional Outcome of Participation in the Sulamot – Music for Social Change Program The Regine Sixt Children’s […]

New sports equipment for the Liv village

And so, thanks to a donation from the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation, Drying Little Tears, employees of Sixt South […]

Installation of three mobile libraries

Together with the Dariu Foundation, the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation provided three mobile libraries, to give children in rural […]

Barrier-free access to the bathing lake

This is achieved with the help of trained therapists through: experiential education methods such as climbing, canoeing, creative and handicraft […]

Strengthening social justice

The donation was used to equip the schools with modern PCs, tablets and Thymio robots. The teachers received the necessary […]

Drying Little Tears Day / Basel

The well-being of the children entrusted to them is the focus. Therefore, it was an important concern for the SIXT […]

Support for St. Joseph’s House of Hope, Mombasa

In recent years, the school has grown into a complex educational institution, with offerings ranging from kindergarten to high school […]

Construction of a learning center at the tal chaim school in israel

Today, about 17,000 people live here. The Jerusalem Foundation, a globally active, independent and non-profit organization with its headquarters in […]

Children’s urological operation team austria for eritrea

The pediatric urology team was on site for a week and, thanks to the donation from Tränchen Trocknen, was able […]

Outstanding team performance

Their task: To build a new tepee, financed by the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation, together with a team of […]
Emergency aid

Emergency aid for victims of the volcanic eruption on St. Vincent

After the initial eruption more followed daily. Almost 30,000 people were evacuated from the danger zone or had to flee. […]


“It should be a joy to be a child anywhere in the world”. This is the guiding principle of Regine […]

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