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With the camper to the winery in South Tyrol

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Travelling through South Tyrol, you can't miss it: this is a real wine country! The landscape is characterised by wineries with vines grown as "pergolas" or in the trellis system. Hard-working farmers take great pleasure in tending their vineyards - and have done so for generations. Being a winegrower is not a profession here, but a passion. The village scene is equally characterised by wine culture: traditional wine farms with deep cellars, tractors on the street, farmers wearing blue aprons, bars where men meet for a chat over a glass of wine.


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In South Tyrol there are some wineries with camper van sites. Here, even the mobile large luxury flats have room to take a wine break. Our recommendations:


BOZEN: Muri-Gries Winery and Monastery Cellars

At the Benedictine Abbey of Muri-Gries, monastic life goes hand in hand with operational work in the winery and vineyards.

BRIXEN: Winery and Buschenschank Villscheiderhof

Guests can expect traditional Eisack Valley cuisine in the cosy rural ambience of the house’s wine tavern ¬- everything served here is home-made and comes mainly from the farm.

BRIXEN: Manni Nössing

Manni Nössing aka “Mr. Kerner” comes from a family that runs the Hoandlhof – the former cattle farm has been an independent winery since 1999 and is picturesquely situated on a hill above Brixen.

GIRLAN/EPPAN: Winery Schreckbichl

Schreckbichl is one of the youngest wineries in South Tyrol and was founded in 1960 by 26 families in order to be more independent of the wine merchants of the time. Today, a total of 300 families work for the renowned winery.

KALTERN: Winery Thomas Pichler

In 2003, Thomas Pichler’s passion for wine led him to realise his lifelong dream of vinifying sophisticated wines from the farm’s own vineyards and marketing them under his own name.

NATURNS: Winery Falkenstein

The Falkenstein vineyard is situated at the foot of the Naturnser Sonnenberg – the vines thrive here at an altitude of around 600-900 metres. In addition, the farm’s own distillery refines its own marc into single-variety grappa.

TERLAN: Winery Kornell

With more than seven hundred years of wine history, the Kornell estate has a lot to tell, but the roots of viticulture go back much further – there are numerous traces of wine in the area from the 5th to 3rd centuries BC.

UNTERRAIN: Winery Cora

The Cora Hof is a small winery located directly on the Southern Wine Route near the wine village of St. Pauls in Überetsch – Merlot and Goldmuskateller are grown here on just 0.5 hectares.

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