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Restaurant Alain Ducasse au Le Meurice
New restaurants are opening, young chefs are striving for attention and recognition. They are young, charismatic and stand out for their talent. And they are bold and creative, their ideas are fresh and innovative. Paris is, of course, known for its diverse gastronomy. Even if there is a plethora of restaurants on every street corner, here are some places that you should not miss.


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You should know these five hotspots for Paris. This is our first recommendation for best fine dining restaurants in Paris. Bon appétit!

David Toutain

David Toutain has made a name for himself on the culinary scene after stints in the kitchens of Alain Passard or Marc Veyrat. He now cooks his own ever-changing tasting menus in his own restaurant. And in Paris, his creations are adored: like the roasted foie gras in baked potato broth with black truffles. David Toutain’s restaurant is decorated in sleek Scandinavian chic, with lots of wood, stone and steel. What we liked: The chefs serve the dishes most personally.

David Toutain

29 Rue Surcouf

75007 Paris, France

Restaurant Neso

The cuisine at Neso is appealing, light and fresh. It involves researching new techniques, experimenting with fermentations and looking for unusual products. Guillaume Sanchez is not afraid of anything: in his restaurant Neso you will be surprised, ideally you just trust the chef and let yourself be inspired by the moment. Restaurant Neso is known for its cuisine based mainly on fish and sea products, served in a contemporary way.

Restaurant Neso

3 rue Papillon

75009 Paris, France

Restaurant Le Mansouria

Fatema Hal, busy chef and eminent cookbook author, is Paris’s best-known Moroccan chef. Her appealing, beautiful Moroccan restaurant, Le Mansouria, is located in an unassuming back alley in the eleventh arrondissement and is an ode to North African cuisine. You embark on a culinary journey via the starters, starting with the puff pastry briwattes filled with goat’s cheese or lamb, or a salad with carrots and orange blossom water. This is followed by delicious couscous or tagine dishes for the main course – the lamb melts in your mouth – and the pâtisseries for dessert.

Restaurant Le Mansouria

11 Rue Faidherbe

75011 Paris, France

Restaurant Contraste

Contrasts are created by mixing colours with black and white. Contrasts can also arise when two longtime friends play out their differences – one is passionate about the land, the other about the sea; one champions innovation, the other poses as a preserver of traditional culinary techniques. The resulting contrasts lend themselves well to a unique, surprising culinary experience: an eclectic menu and wine list from the “contrasting” culinary pair of Kevin de Porre (formerly with Michelin chef Kei Kobayash) and Erwan Ledru (formerly with Arnaud Nicolas). In this way, these two contrasting characters took joint charge of the restaurant and created a memorable new fine dining offering.

Restaurant Contraste

8 rue d’Anjou

75008 Paris, France

Restaurant Substance

In the 16th arrondissement, which is dominated by upscale restaurants and Parisian-style bistros, the Substance restaurant combines these two types of restaurants. The restaurant is inviting and exudes a relaxed elegance. Behind the counter whirls Matthias Marc, a young chef who has worked in big name restaurants like Racines des Prés, Saint James, Le Meurice and Lasserre. The strengths of the cuisine at Substance lie in its focus on fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere with an excellent selection of wines and – by Parisian standards – reasonable prices.

Restaurant Substance
18, rue Chaillot75016
Paris, France



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