free journalism #ukraine

Support our journalistic colleagues in Ukraine, for example – to secure their professional future and to counter as well the […]

Why rent from Sixt?

According to Google, however, people are also increasingly entering questions instead of search terms on the Internet. In Germany, the […]

Arrive anywhere #Sixt

With Valet Parking, you can enjoy first-class service even before departure. Simply hand over your car keys and check in […]

New Mobility: Car subscription

And Germans are diligently joining in, sharing services, music, files, accommodation or their cars. This is also the finding of […]

Céline Dion on tour

The developments of the pandemic in the last weeks show that in Germany and in many other countries events cannot […]

MINI STRIP by Paul Smith

Under the leitmotif “Simplicity, Transparency and Sustainability,” the vehicle presents inspiring ideas for a more sustainable approach to automotive design. […]

Autonomous driving

As early as next year, the first 100 percent electric taxis are expected to roll along the streets of Munich […]

Sixt has the best service

In most companies, things are simple: if you need a rental car, you book one at company rates. If you […]

Rent a car in 105 countries worldwide

Whether you need a small car, a compact car or a spacious estate car, the fleet includes models from leading […]

Tipps #Manchester

But Manchester is also a vibrant hotspot with a diverse nightlife, a lively arts scene and excellent cultural offerings. Bands […]

City breaks England

Also because of football, but perhaps more because it is the city from which the legendary Beatles started their triumphal […]

Happy Birthday „Chanel N°5”!

The fragrance is composed of three different notes:  Top note, heart note and base note. The top note is the […]

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