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Text Joachim Fischer
Photos Daimler
Humans love company. We appreciate spending time together with friends or family. Sometimes this means exploring a part of the world together without sacrificing luxury and comfort.


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This is exactly what the Mercedes-Benz V-Class was built for. These unusual luxury cars combine the features of a luxury sedan with those of a large-capacity van. Whether it’s family fun or a business meeting, there’s an almost stately sense of well-being in this sedan. Anyone travelling in this V-Class Saloon feels privileged.


Elegant covers tempt you to take a seat on the body-friendly armchairs and enjoy the atmosphere with a cool lemonade. In the Long and Extra Long versions, you’ll never feel cramped. With at least 190 hp, you’ll be on the highway in no time, and you’ll reach your destination just as quickly. There is plenty of room for extra luggage. The excellent ride comfort ensures that you can go about your business undisturbed, even on rough road surfaces. The Sixt rental V-Class is an ideal touring car for the family or any other group. The fatigue assistant warns the driver when there are signs of exhaustion and advises a break. The equipment of the V-Class leaves nothing to be desired, even for the most discerning driver. To list all the features here would go beyond the scope of this article.

Tip from the GO SIXT editorial team:

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