Fill up electric car for free in Germany

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Drinking a cappuccino, having a bite to eat or doing the shopping - and meanwhile filling up with free green electricity outside: this scenario comes very close to an e-car owner's ideal idea of charging.


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Refueling your electric car for free is the dream of every e-car driver. Where is it possible? And how do you find these free charging stations? Here’s the good news: It is possible. If you want to charge your e-car while shopping, you can now do so in front of many hotels, cafés, restaurants, supermarkets or furniture stores.

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Good for the image, good for business

More and more municipal and public charging stations are springing up. Many hotels, restaurants and supermarkets are also installing charging stations for their customers. That’s a good idea for business, because you can’t get more customer loyalty than that. Of course, because people who spend the night in a hotel generally spend eight to twelve hours there. “To make the stay as pleasant as possible for drivers of an electric car, we offer a charging station in the underground parking garage,” says Ulrich Schwer, Hotel Director Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten in Stuttgart. What pleases the driver also benefits the hotel business.

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