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The BMW X4 M has pronounced motorsport genes, offers driving dynamics at the highest level and confidently shows off its potential. And it's also available to rent - from Sixt.


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Why are roads always so winding in Germany? Anyone driving from abroad to the German Alps for the first time quickly notices that the roads here are often very winding. But why is that? This question becomes quite beside the point once you’ve covered the first few kilometers in the BMW X4 M. And with each additional winding kilometer, you realize: This is really fun!

Tip from the GO SIXT editorial team. From the Innsbruck freeway, steer the BMW over the (winding) Arlberg Pass to Zürs, a route with numerous protective roofs and tunnels. Since 1936, the route has also been cleared in winter to ensure access to winter sports areas. Once in Zürs, you cruise through the village until you reach your destination, Thurnher’s Alpenhof. Delayed – but with just the right amount of that “deceleration” that, as we all know, not only philosophers think this crazy time desperately needs. In stop-and-go mode, I learn that moving forward in life is also possible in this way. The BMW X4 M proves to be a great patient pedagogue. At the finish line, the two “servant spirits” Anton and Joseph greet me like regular guests. I experience undisguised friendliness and service in the best sense – right from the start. Off the top of my head, I can think of no other hotel where the employees remain loyal to their house for so many years. Here, tradition is lived quite literally; here, the term “heritage” has nothing dusty about it.

The missonis of the hotel industry

What Rosita, Angela and Margherita Missoni are in the world of fashion, Elfi Thurnher, Beatrice Zarges, Stephanie and Coco Zarges-Vogel embody in Zürs am Arlberg. These ladies – mother, daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter – have a generational contract, a luxury agreement. They run one of the best hotels in the world in Zürs. More tips for Austria here.

BMW SUV fans have had to wait quite some time for an M version of the X3 and X4, but BMW has apparently made good use of the time: BMW X4 M and X3 M are not only high up on M GmbH’s bestseller list, they also sell noticeably better than their main rivals Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 and Porsche Macan Turbo, according to internal market analyses. With the 2021 facelift, the two mid-size SUVs will now not only receive

You can get a BMW X4 M as a rental car for your Austria vacation at the car rental company Sixt Austria


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