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Through a study, logistics experts Verizon Connect have ranked cities that offer a particularly sustainable road network.


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Study evaluates the road network of 30 European cities

  • According to data analysis, Cologne has the most resilient road transport network
  • Munich with a lead in smart technology in road traffic, Hamburg is particularly roadworthy
  • Brussels in first place comes closest to the ideal of a Smart Driving City

The Smart Driving City Index includes the 30 most populous cities in Europe, including Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. A Smart Driving City is characterized by a resilient road traffic network that is able to connect as many people as possible in a short time and without danger. It also relies on smart, future-proof technologies, such as electromobility, and provides the necessary infrastructure to meet demand. To this end, the study evaluated thousands of data from renowned sources. The result of the study is the following ranking of cities that come closest to the ideal state of a Smart Driving City. Table: The ten best-ranked Smart Driving Cities. With rating in the fields of investigation and overall result. Ratings follow a scale of 0-100, with a score of 100 corresponding to the best rating.

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The four German metropolises Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich perform very well in the search for the city with the most sustainable road transport network.

Hamburg leads the way in a comparison within Germany and scores particularly well with a low accident risk score. According to the evaluation, Cologne is the European leader when it comes to the resilience of the transport infrastructure. Aspects that were evaluated here were the quality, range and performance of the transport network as well as the handling of emissions. Munich, on the other hand, is the most committed of all German cities to future-proof technologies and even comes second in Europe in this respect. Among other things, Munich has an above-average registration rate for electric vehicles and 794 e-filling stations. In the overall evaluation, Brussels emerges as the ultimate Smart Driving City, followed by Vienna and Amsterdam. Brussels offers a transport infrastructure with the largest range in the comparison and with very high safety standards. However, when it comes to Smart Technology, Amsterdam comes out on top. Fast mobile network, a city-wide car-sharing offer and broad charging infrastructure consisting of 822 e-filling stations contribute to the result. Vienna offers very good values in all three fields of investigation. Among others, Austria recently registered 6,718 new electric vehicles. For Riga, the path to becoming a Smart Driving City still poses a challenge. The Latvian capital closes the ranking of the Smart Driving City Index.

“A key challenge as urbanization grows is how we can continue to transport people and goods sustainably with vehicles,” said logistics expert Kirsten Welther of Verizon Connect. “With the Smart Driving City Index, we want to highlight the cities that have already recognized the importance of an efficient and sustainable transportation infrastructure.”

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