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The first electric Rolls-Royce has been eagerly awaited, and now the British ultra-luxury brand has unveiled the "Spectre". The name follows the familiar British ghost naming scheme - but almost everything else is new. We take a close look at the new appearance and the future of Rolls-Royce.


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The design: The demand on the “Spectre” was clear: its lines must be synonymous with the newly proclaimed vehicle class “ultra-luxury sports coupé”. The craftsmen from Goodwood more than achieved this goal. Automotive, nautical and modern influences were skilfully combined. The result is a car that is a good five and a half metres long, displays a new, sharpened brand identity and lives efficiency: a slender grille and blade-like daytime running lights in LED design are combined with a highly aerodynamic shape and references to its own history. The cW value of 0.25 speaks for itself here.

The car: Digital. The “Spectre” is the most connected Rolls-Royce of all time – which actually says it all on the subject of digitalisation. But it goes into a little more detail: 141,200 transmitter-receiver pairs document every conceivable parameter and are the basis for a novelty in automotive engineering: “decentralised intelligence”, a system designed to enable the free and direct exchange of information between more than 1,000 vehicle functions. The fact that the dashboard does not rely on classic speedometer needles need not be emphasised at this point then.


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The drive: electrifying. “The electric car is completely silent and clean. There is no smell and no vibration. They should become very useful when fixed charging stations can be established,” said Charles Stewart Rolls, co-founder of Rolls-Royce in 1900. The Spectre now fulfils this prophecy. And how: In all likelihood, the “Spectre” with 584 hp, 900 Newton metres of torque and a sprint from 0 to 100 in 4.4 seconds will advance into sports car spheres. All this is coupled with a range of 520 kilometres.

The luxury: infinite. The chassis of a Rolls-Royce is already considered beyond reproach. But with the new “planar chassis”, the brand wants to reach a new level. The actively controlled suspension accesses all wheels, dampers and other components individually. The “Spectre” has “learned” this on the roads of the French Riviera, its natural stomping ground. Of course, customers of the brand can also customise almost every detail of their “Spectre”. After all, we are not talking about ordinary luxury standards here – but about Rolls-Royce.

Bild 7 Die elektr. Erscheinung

Source: https://ramp.space/post/rolls-royce-spectre-die-elektrische-erscheinung

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