In brevity lies strength: Why even a short trip is worthwhile

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The desire for relaxation is great, but the next extensive vacation is still far away: Especially in stressful times we long for a time out.


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A short trip can help – often it is enough to be on the road for a few days to break the routine and recharge. Especially Europe is ideal for short trips, within 1-3 hours you can be at the most beautiful places. No matter if city, countryside or the sea.

Short time-outs have a long lasting effect

There on Friday evenings, back on Sunday evenings: what sounds like stress at first can actually become a very relaxing time out. Stress is also reduced during short holidays. Even scientists and psychologists confirm this. The brief change of scenery refocuses our attention on other things. The best prerequisite to concentrate on yourself. There’s also less stress involved in planning – if you’re only away for the weekend, you usually travel light and there’s not much packing to do. You can also leave the apartment alone without worrying. So it makes sense to just book it. A few useful things make spontaneity a little more fun. With the Platinum Card from American Express® and an annual online travel credit of 200 euros, for example – this is ideal for a trip planned at short notice.

Being able to be spontaneous is liberating

Short trips don’t need a long lead time. They are also possible when the schedule is packed during the week. Just the feeling of being able to be flexible despite work is good for you. So if we get the idea on Thursday that a coffee at our favorite café in Rome would be just the thing right now, we can have it put into practice by Saturday.

Time becomes relative

While 2 to 3 working days are over much too quickly or too short to get everything done, a short trip of 2 to 3 days has the opposite feeling – a weekend often feels much longer. Because on the one hand you take time for yourself, let yourself drift and experience many different things. And on the other hand you use time optimally. This is especially true for arrival and departure. Here, the off-peak times are ideal – i.e. early evening or early morning. If you are travelling by train or plane, there is still the transfer from the station or airport to your overnight destination. However, thanks to the Platinum Card and the included annual travel credit of 200 euros for SIXT Ride, this becomes a comfortable affair: The chauffeur and limousine service is already waiting at the arrival point and is also available for rides at the holiday destination. Just get in and sit back!

Wait for what?

To make a long story short: Short trips are good for you and don’t require much effort. They are small islands that can make everyday life easier for us. Even and especially when there is no long break in sight.

Our tip: Apply today for the Platinum Card from American Express (offer only available in Germany) and secure yourself a starting credit of 200 euros in addition to a wide range of travel, mobility and lifestyle benefits. So nothing stands in the way of a spontaneous adventure.


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