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Photos Stefan Bogner
Unbekannte Porsche
When car companies show studies and prototypes, they allow a glimpse behind the curtain, a vision of what is coming or could come. In addition to what is shown at official appointments and trade fairs, however, there is an overwhelming amount of designs and models that remain hidden from the public for a variety of reasons.


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In this exclusive illustrated book, the impossible becomes possible: a look at never-before-seen Porsches – Porsche Unseen. Following the overwhelming success of the first edition, the limited and signed special edition of “Porsche Unseen” now follows. The book is published in an enlarged format and is supplemented by two additional brand-new models. Together with two high-quality art prints, this edition is presented in a fine slipcase.

What remains are the fascinating photos by Stefan Bogner, taken in Porsche’s inner sanctum, the Porsche Design Studio. Jan Baedeker has recorded the exciting genesis of each model and traced the philosophy of Porsche’s design DNA with design chief Michael Mauer.

  • enlarged and extended edition
  • signed and limited
  • contains two high quality art prints

As is so often the case, concept cars from the “Unseen” series are often just an idea at Porsche. And yet such experimental visions are essential for Porsche. We invite you to join us: Follow us on an incomparable voyage of discovery through the world of Porsche design!

Unbekannte Porsche

Porsche Unseen:

Design Studies

Stefan Bogner, Jan Baedeker

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Spectacular from the outside and high performance on the inside! The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen is always worth a visit. Equally worth a visit is the Hans-PeterPorsche Dream Factory: a destination for excursions, an adventure museum, a total work of art. Tin toys, model trains, sports cars – for the whole family.

More Porsche unseen so far, more topics about Porsche can be found hereat GO SIXT.

A detailed interview with Michael Mauer andGordenWagener can currently be found in the online magazine of RETROWELT #21 (article only available in German)



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