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There are many exclusive accommodations in Malibu, there are the villas of the stars - and then there is the former beach house where Steve McQueen once lived. Here you can live like the King of Cool. Now the property is up for sale (again).


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“I’m not a great actor – let’s face it.” Steve McQueen once said that about himself – and he was right. The King of Cool’s acting strength never lay in embodying characters foreign to his nature. McQueen was at his best as McQueen. As in the heist-movie classic “Thomas Crown is Unstoppable”. You remember: beach, sand dunes, plus an orange Dune Buggy of the Meyers Manx brand. Here Steve was completely himself – and fully in his element.

Shortly after filming ended, the cult actor moved into a beach house in Malibu with his second wife Ali MacGraw. The perfect place for him to be absorbed in the role of Thomas Crown in his private life as well? Pure speculation. The fact is, however, that the double garage would have offered enough space for a beach buggy.

The only thing missing is the Meyers-Manx buggy, which you could put in the existing double garage.

And in other respects, too, you can live like a real King of Cool in the property, which was built on a 930-square-metre plot and has personal beach access. Five bedrooms, five bathrooms and three balconies are just some of the many amenities inside the house, which is predominantly white with lots of wood and high windows.

Only last year it was put up for sale at Sotheby’s, now TopTenRealEstateDeals.com lists the purchase price at a good 16.995 million US dollars. But a lot has happened since last year: songwriter Ammar Malik (Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”) transformed the property from an outdated beach house into one of the best villas in Malibu – with simple but stylish furnishings, new panelling and a modernised façade. In short, now the beach house is not only cool, but contemporary again.

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Source: https://ramp.space/post/live-like-the-king-of-cool-steve-mcqueens-strandhaus



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