Kathryn Sargent Studio on Savile row

Text Julin Brick
Photos Kathryn Sargent, Archiv
Strolling hand in hand with one's wife on London's Savile Row can quickly become monotonous for the woman accompanying us. In the shops, in the shop windows, suit follows suit, shirt follows shirt, hat follows hat. For decades, the Mayfair district has been home to ateliers dedicated to the traditional tailoring of perfectly fitting men's suits.


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Now, however, the image of a predominantly male society that has stood still in time is also changing on Savile Row. For some years now, a new, younger generation has been shaping business life and image – and this generation is made up mainly of women. A generation of women who are passionate about their craft. Predominantly young women like Kathryn Sargent who have earned respect and attention through their talent and ambition.

Women stand for new image

The 39-year-old is currently the most prominent proof of this. In the studio she shares with another tailor, the woman with the heart-shaped milkmaid face and the straw-blond bob seems like a foreign body, surrounded by lots of dark wood, pine-green upholstered sofas and an old-man whisky atmosphere. Not only is she the only woman on Savile Row to own her own studio called Kathryn Sargent Bespoke (6 Brook St). She was also the first woman to reach the position of “head cutter”, the head of the studio. In 1996, the trained fashion designer began her training at the prestigious Gieves & Hawkes and worked her way up to Head Cutter. Cutters are those who advise customers, take measurements and instruct the tailors. Until now, this responsible role has only ever been filled by men. The attention was accordingly great when Kathryn Sargent was appointed the first female head cutter. This at such an internationally renowned bespoke tailor as Gieves & Hawkes, which dresses clients such as Prince Charles or David Beckham in suits.

After working at Gieves & Hawkes for many years, Kathryn Sargent set up her own atelier in London. And as if it were a matter of course, suits and costumes are made by hand here for a female clientele.

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