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In mid-November 2022, Gunter Sachs would have turned 90. We take a look back at the playboy's life - for it was anything but ordinary. Even by high-society standards, for rarely has one seen such a bon vivant who was at the same time so erudite. Four facts and anecdotes about the co-founder of the Saint-Tropez hype.


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The Opel great-grandson – whether Gunter Sachs himself ever owned an Opel? We don’t know, and we’ll cast some doubt on it here. In the 1960s of the economic miracle, Sachs was sure that the helicopter was the accessory for the man and woman of the world on the Cote d’Azur. But thinking on a large scale obviously ran in the family: his great-grandfather Adam Opel also accelerated vehicles with rockets.

The mathematician & sportsman:

A millionaire heir who loves Saint-Tropez and lives his life to the fullest? One could quickly condemn Sachs – but one would be doing him an injustice. After all, he studied mathematics and economics – and finished his studies. In Stuttgart, he trained as a precision mechanic at Bosch. Oh yes – he was also a bobsleigh pilot in his youth. And then there was art, photography and film.


The art collector and photographer:

Versatile, versatile, Gunter Sachs: that’s how the life of the Swiss by choice could be summed up in three words. For in addition to his academic career and suave playboy life, he also impressed with his understanding of art and his creativity: friendships with Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jean Fautrier bear witness to this. That Warhol and Lichtenstein also decorated his flat in St.Moritz? That goes without saying. But Sachs himself was also bursting with creativity and was considered a renowned photographer and filmmaker. He was showered with praise and prizes for his 1970 winter sports film “Happening in White”.

The Playboy:

When it comes to “Playboy”, what else is there to say about someone who was married to Brigitte Bardot for three years at the time? Little. We’ll try anyway: he met people and above all women at eye level and with class, celebrated parties that lasted 72 hours in his best days, and at the same time elevated St. Tropez to a Mecca for the upper class. Casual, but elegant. His style? Unmistakable, like himself: He was often seen with an open blue shirt, combined with white trousers – and barefoot, of course.

Source: https://ramp.space/post/gunter-sachs-leben-als-kunst



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