Welcome to the Bavarian world of experience for gourmets. At Lake Tegernsee, ENJOY is written in capital letters. With traditional favourite dishes, exquisite top cuisine, conscious regionality and hand-made delicacies. Whether fish or game, mountain hut or lake view.


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“Tegernsee is somehow reminiscent of Sylt. Only with mountains. And without the sea.”
The pleasure region between Munich and Salzburg attracts tourists with extraordinary hotels, innovative restaurant concepts and a whole lot of Bavarian charm.

Caviar double magnum and helicopter transfer

Shortly after taking over the management of the fishery, the then 31-year-old von Preysing was quoted in the Münchner Merkur as saying: “I also want to bring in a breath of fresh air. Especially as far as running the bistro is concerned.” He has kept this promise. In the summer months, the bistro is completely booked up. Lobster tails, caviar and champagne attract not only Munich society. The Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt moneyed aristocracy also feel at home in the Fischerei-Bistro. But only if they have booked a week in advance. Otherwise the door remains as locked as the magnum bottle of Comtes de Champagne.

Tegernsee Bild 1.jepg

On a “Helles”

Back at lake level, we recommend a generous slice of spiced loaf with a freshly brewed coffee at Aran. Right on the lake. It couldn’t be nicer to snack. On the way from Tegernsee to Rottach-Egern, there is another stop that simply belongs: the Bräustüberl Tegernsee. A meeting place for young and old. For tourists and locals. The beer is as great as the typical Bavarian atmosphere. In a correspondingly good mood, a visit to Feinkost Sollacher is recommended afterwards. The Rottach wine cellar offers a remarkable selection of wines, spirits, cheese and sausage specialities as well as fruit and vegetables. A few metres further on, Christian Jürgens welcomes his guests at the Seehotel Überfahrt. An absolute must for every culinarian and “star collector”. The triple-starred restaurant once put Tegernsee on the culinary world map and still attracts people from all over the world today. And rightly so. The Jürgens classic “Kartoffelkiste” is a culinary and artisanal masterpiece!

“Handmade beer” at Hoppebräu – definitely try it!

In addition to excellent restaurants and hotels, the region is also home to cool craft beer breweries and exquisite gourmet manufactories. Among others, the young brewery Hoppebräu is worth mentioning. Markus Hoppe’s family business is constantly growing and enriches the foothills of the Alps with creative and traditional beers. The incredibly good Helle now also regularly finds its way into the Nierstein cellar of St. Antony!

Tegernsee Bild 2.jepg

German whisky? German whisky!

Slyrs, Germany’s largest single malt producer, is a little more high-proof. It all starts with a bet. Trained brewer and master distiller Florian Stetter goes on a study trip to Scotland with his master colleagues. He is surprised by the similarities he discovers compared to his home in Upper Bavaria: mountains, clear water and wonderfully pure air. Visits to the world-famous distilleries of the Speyside region inspire him to the vision of producing an Upper Bavarian single malt whisky. He bets his colleagues a crate of wheat beer that first-class whisky can be made in that first-class whisky can also be distilled in Upper Bavaria. He won the bet. In the meantime, “Slyrs” has become a real visitor magnet – with its own gastronomy, a large shop and a production plant worth seeing. A visit to the Lantenham distillery, only a few kilometres away distillery only a few kilometres away – Stetter’s family business – where fine brandies are produced that regularly receive the highest awards. And rightly so!

Tegernsee Bild. 3epg

Beautiful memories

What remains after a visit to Lake Tegernsee? Wistfulness. The region awakens a certain longing. Even in difficult times, the world still seems to be in order here. Some things are reminiscent of the images in the great German homeland films of the post-war period. “Gruß und Kuss vom Tegernsee” with Harald Juhnke is such a wonderful example. Great feeling. Great cinema. Charming, kitschy, entertaining and a little too thick. Just like a day at Lake Tegernsee!

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