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Those who like it luxurious, come to Munich. It comes as no surprise that the Bavarian metropolis has a whole range of first-class luxury hotels to offer. The hotel is a five-star superior hotel belongs to the Asian Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, which operates prestigious hotels, luxury resorts and residences worldwide.


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It currently owns 32 hotels and eight Residences at Mandarin Oriental in 21 countries. Among them is the hotel legend, the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok. At the top of the world in terms of service quality, no hotel in the world can boast a longer list of awards than the hotel on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

Five-star service, five-star facilities and five-star cuisine – the Mandarin Oriental Munich looks back on over years of history and stories. Built in 1875 as a neo-Renaissance ballroom under King Ludwig II, the Central Halls served the Kaim Orchestra, predecessor to the Munich Philharmonic. Even if you don’t notice it, the building is a listed building, so in the basement there are still remains of the historic city wall, dating from 1285 to 1337. And in the staircase you can admire the reconstruction of the Art Nouveau relief by August Endell from 1897. Since 2000, the historic building has been owned by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. And as you would expect from Mandarin Oriental, the centrally located downtown hotel offers personalized service at the highest level and also redefines today’s luxury standards. “The days of just staying in a hotel are over. Guests expect not only a unique quality of service but also the lifestyle that goes with it,” says General Manager Dominik G. Reiner during our conversation in the lounge of the Mandarin Oriental Munich. And so it is not surprising that Vogue Business magazine declared the hotel “Munich’s premier address in the city, equipped with modern luxury, art and valuable antiques”. The hotel, with a white triangular façade renovated in 2007, has 48 rooms and 25 suites.

Joachim Fischer: Dear Mr. Reiner, as soon as I enter your lobby, I have the feeling of being at the mercy of the scent of Asia. Then a deep relaxation sets in, which I rarely experience in other hotels. What is the reason for this?

Dominik G. Reiner: The moment of well-being you describe, of having arrived, is a matter of the heart for all of us here. Perhaps that is exactly what you perceive as the Mandarin Oriental Spirit at the very first moment.

What do you mean by a Mandarin Oriental Spirit?

We have our own history, are known as a “place to be”, and people want to see and experience that. The first Mandarin in Hong Kong soon gained an enviable reputation for its luxurious service. This is probably where this unique philosophy was born – to which the hotel chain has remained true to this day. Perhaps it is precisely this Asian way of thinking that shapes our daily activities, our understanding of culture and service. To always offer something more, more service and more attention. Expressed in numbers, this also means that we have two employees for every guest.

How would you describe the typical guest here at the Manadarin Oriental in Munich?

On the one hand, there are many Munich residents who come to us as day guests, whether for brunch with the family, or a dinner at Matsuhisa with Japanese-Peruvian dishes, created by world-class chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa, or you enjoy a drink on our roof terrace. What I can only recommend, the view over Munich is unique.

And the other guests?

These are our overnight guests. This group of guests is predominantly international in character, and stay with us both professionally and privately. And what we are particularly pleased about is that we welcome well over 50 percent of them as regular guests. 

To what extent is the house influenced by the international guests.

In many respects. Firstly because of our name, we are booked internationally. But also important for me is the aspect that we get young dedicated employees who recognize an opportunity within Mandarin for their own career.

A career like you personally?

Yeah, something like that. For me, that means: Once Mandarin Oriental – always Mandarin Oriental. 

Now two more questions to finish. What is your cooperation with SIXT like?

We have a special offer for that. We can provide our guests exclusively with a BMW i8 from the SIXT rental for trips. Quick and uncomplicated – and who knows about the desirability of this vehicle, recognizes that this is exceptional.

Finally, something personal. Who would you like to meet at the hotel bar one day?

I would like to meet Pele again. During the World Cup I played football with him here in the foyer. I still have the autographed ball. But much more significant would be a repeat meeting with the Queen. When I was a very young employee, I was allowed to serve her at a reception in our hotel in London and give her a gin and tonic. All very important, security everywhere. I had to hold the glass with both hands so they were shaking with nervousness. I would like to repeat that – and then enjoy the moment more.  

Read also our contribution, the interview with Innegrit Volkhardt, managing partner of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich.

Source: GO Sixt #51


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