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Germany's best restaurants can be brought home with getvoila.com. Home Fine Dining is the magic word and lets you experience menus from star chefs and trendsetters in your own dining room. And: there's even something special for Christmas!


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Cooking boxes have enjoyed increasing popularity in recent months and, in times of closed restaurants, have often transported a piece of restaurant feeling at home. It was much more difficult to bring moments of experience from the best restaurants into private dining rooms. Especially due to larger spatial distances to these best restaurants or the challenge to get one of the coveted table reservations. voilà changes that and combines unique moments of pleasure with an extraordinary restaurant experience for home! Special home fine dining menus, for example from the vegetarian star restaurant “Cookies Cream”, the Mannheim OPUS V or the Düsseldorf star chef Volker DrKosch can be experienced on the home stove and completed in just a few steps.

Exclusive festive menus available until Christmas

The year is coming to an end and for the festive season, food lovers from all over the country and Austria can expect exclusive festive boxes! Whether it’s the braised goose breast with pumpkin puree from the two-star restaurant Ox & Klee from Cologne, the crispy roasted duck breast with oat root and spiced jus from Michelin-starred chef Jens Rittmeyer, or the best from Swabia from Andreas Widmann- Food Lovers can now get their festive menus to take home. Attention: The number of festive cooking boxes is very limited and can only be ordered for a limited time via getvoila.com!

Perfect for the whole family, for celebrating with friends or for business partners, customers or employees who are still looking for a Christmas gift.

Enjoying culinary delights from Cologne’s crane buildings everywhere

One of the strictly limited boxes comes from Cologne restaurateur and star chef Daniel Gottschlich. The operator of the two-star restaurant Ox & Klee is now enrapturing his food lovers outside the Rhineland-cathedral-city. The festive menu, consisting of the newly interpreted Cologne classic “Halver Hahn”, Hamashi with horseradish cream and plum gel, braised goose breast with pumpkin puree and a unique dessert from the Gault Millau Pattesier of the year 2021 Hannes Radeck: chocolate mousse sphere with quince & tonka bean. And best of all: with every Ox & Klee festive menu you get two high-quality wine glasses from “Zwiesel Glas”.

Experience saucengod and star chef Jens Rittmeyer everywhere

Jens Rittmeyer makes the hearts and palates of his food lovers beat faster all over the country. Rittmeyer would like to transport the Christmas pleasure home, so that one can conjure up Rittmeyer’s menu culinary at home with very few handles. With the special sauce love this becomes also at the domestic stove a first-class benefit. His festive menu, consisting of chestnut soup with confit black salsify, crispy roast duck breast with oat root, red cabbage and spiced jus, and cinnamon roasted apple for dessert, can be experienced everywhere.

Home fine dining in Swabian

And if you’re in Berlin, Dresden, Munich or Graz and fancy natural, Swabian cuisine, you’ll also get your money’s worth with getvoila.com: Food lovers get the best of Swabia from Andreas Widmann from Widmann’s Alb.leben! Refining first-class products and creating surprises – that’s what makes the cuisine in the Swabian family business. The Christmas menu, consisting of Christmas duck with lamb’s lettuce, pike-perch fillet with mixed vegetables and beef fillet with herb crust and port wine jus, ensures very special experiences at home before and during the holidays.

Experience the full menu variety of the best restaurants and upcoming trendsetters!

Have you ever prepared the best Peking duck in the country, Asian delicacies from trendy hot spots or menus from German star chefs at home in just a few steps? voilà takes you on restaurant and taste experiences in a lovely class – on what is known as the most beautiful days of the year – and beyond!



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