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Fahrengold designs and builds car spaces of the future and turns the parking lot into an architectural gem. From classic cars to electric cars - Fahrengold garages are the perfect place for your car both outdoors and indoors. 100% developed and manufactured in Germany. And so a Fahrengold garage becomes an object for true car and design lovers.


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If you love your car, you want to keep it safe and stylish – especially if it’s a rare classic or sports car. The Berlin company Fahrengold builds luxury garages precisely for this purpose. The car garages are not normal garages, by any means. They look more like large glass boxes. They are meant to put the vehicles in the right light, safely pack them away and present them in style. Each individual parking space costs at least 100,000 euros, but is also unique. Because anyone who decides on a garage from Fahrengold can configure it individually according to their own wishes.


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Beautiful cars should be in beautiful garages

Lights, alarm system, air conditioning and ventilation can be controlled via smartphone or digital touchpad. The Fahrengold garage is therefore a kind of smart home for the car. The individual garage is delivered in individual parts after a production time of up to eight weeks. It is then assembled on site on a poured foundation with electricity, waste water and Internet connections. Six metres long, 3.68 metres wide and 2.56 metres high, the garage should provide a suitable home for most cars. Even large SUVs or pre-war vintage cars will fit in here. The finished Fahrengold cuboid takes up around 24 square metres of floor space.

Charging station with built in

The colour of the exterior and interior walls of a Fahrengold garage is created by powder coating; whether and how glass walls are to be installed is decided by the customer in consultation with the manufacturer. The interior can also be varied according to requirements – it does not necessarily have to be a luxury sports car that is parked here. For example, you can also have a charging station installed for an electric car. Or a storage facility for a second set of wheels.

Fahrengold has set up an FG1 garage in Berlin. Here you can “test park” your vehicle to get a feeling for the generous dimensions of the garage.

Now cheaper

Nikita Fahrenholz wanted to sell the noble garages for 100,000 euros with his new company Fahrengold. He has since rethought that plan. And so there is to be a new entry-level model for a fraction of the price.


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