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We can literally feel it. How cold water invigorates us after a hot day, not necessarily under a waterfall - we also feel it in the shower at home. Water is the basic prerequisite for all life on earth.


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A few years ago I had the chance to compare different kinds of water. What a gift. And what a taste experience. All the water I tasted had a completely different taste. Basically I knew that water can be soft (rainwater), medium (Lake Constance water) or hard. This is what makes the mineral waters from Baden-Württemberg listed below so different. And not all of them taste the same. But there are even more reasons why not all water is the same – as I discovered in an exchange with water expert Martin Metzinger. Martin Metzinger is a certified water sommelier appointed by the renowned Doemens Institute in Munich-Gräfelfing and Key Account Manager Gastronomy at the mineral water brands Winkels (alwa Mineralbrunnen) in Ludwigsburg. As an expert, he advises restaurateurs and beverage wholesalers on all aspects of mineral water.

Wasser Genuss 4

Water is health and life

“In Germany, we are comparatively ‘spoiled’ when it comes to water, but we are often not (yet) aware of it,” says Martin Metzinger. And water has not only been a hot topic since the hot summer. It’s clear that this topic is the subject of extremely controversial discussions. And in the face of people who struggle daily for a few liters of halfway drinkable water, one has to be ashamed of this waste. In this respect it is to be welcomed that in the meantime there are different networks of people and organizations, which stand up for a world-wide humane access to clean drinking water. A contribution of many, because only an intact nature manages to make more out of pure H2O. “That’s why mineral waters created by nature are just real ‘mineral resources’, just the crown of good water!” Also, all good drinks are always based on good water, as any brewmaster or barista can confirm.

Wasser Genuss 2

Mineral water, spring water, table water and co.

Speaking of the environment – and climate protection: Should a water bottle always be made of glass? Martin Metzinger weighs his head back and forth. “That’s too much of a generalization for me. Regionality is more important to me. In Baden-Württemberg, we are lucky enough to have excellent mineral water virtually on our doorstep, which is why it is affordable and varied! I myself “sold” my first crate of mineral water almost 50 years ago. The longer I looked into the subject of water, health and well-being, the more exciting I found it. My lesson from the conversation, in the future I will pay a little more attention to water.

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Source: Sage Magazine #1/2020



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