Vivamayr – the institution in the matter of healthy lifestyle.

Vivamayr Altausee
Autumn - time to strengthen the immune system and find new energy through detoxification and deceleration at the VIVAMAYR - Medical Health Resorts on Austria's most beautiful lakes, which are true places of power.


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Healing, prevention and laying the foundations for a healthy life.

The VIVAMAYRHealthconcept is based on a perfect combination for individual health: the latest technology and innovative scientific methods based on the traditional findings of F.X. Mayr.

100% individually tailored therapies and programs, geared to the personal needs of the guest: The daily consultation with the doctor guarantees that therapies, treatment and diet are constantly adapted and thus the personal ideal state of health is achieved. A minimum stay of 10 days is recommended.

VIVAMAYR’s medical programs, developed with contemporary needs in mind, provide the necessary foundation for the body and mind to enhance quality of life in the long term and achieve personal health goals in a sustainable manner.

VIVAMAYR Activ Detox Program

A journey to yourself. The program causes the detoxification of body and mind and ensures a powerful organism.

The body learns to deal with harmful substances more effectively.

VIVAMAYR Weight Care Program

Finding the optimal weight in a balanced way is the motto here. In the course of the scientifically based initial examination, potentials are identified. Based on this, a therapy program is created that optimally promotes the body.

VIVAMAYR Stress Control Program

The program helps to better cope with everyday stress and strengthen performance. It helps the body to deal more effectively with stressful situations, builds up necessary reserves and teaches proven mental stress management techniques.

Der Blog “ Wie Stress erkennen und effektiv reduzieren“

VIVAMAYR Post Covid Programm

Die optimale Regeneration nach einer Erkrankung mit Covid-19 und deren Langzeitfolgen einzudämmen oder zu verhindern und wieder stabil in den Alltag zurückzukehren ist das Ziel.

Mehr Details – zum Nachhören: Fit zurück in den Alltag nach einer Covid Erkrankung

VIVAMAYR Post Covid Program

The goal is to achieve optimal regeneration after an illness with Covid-19 and to contain or prevent its long-term consequences and to return to everyday life in a stable manner.

More details – to follow: Fit back into everyday life after aCovidillness

VIVAMAYR Diabetes Program

For all people with prediabetes and diabetes type 2. The aim here is to improve the metabolism and thus prevent diabetes or overcome or alleviate it. Changed eating habits and an individual exercise concept are the basis on which the medical therapies are built.

More details to listen in & re-listen:

Vivamayr Health Cast “Diabetes Special – Part 1”

Vivamayr Health Cast “Diabetes Special – Part 2”

Balance begins in the belly!

Food culture, and therefore nutrition in particular, is perhaps the most important aspect of the VivamayrHealthConcept. It forms a central pillar on which the medical programs are based.

By changing our eating habits, our immune system can be optimised in such a way that diseases can be prevented or cured and invaders, such as viruses, can be warded off. An important prerequisite for this is a balance of acids and bases in the body. Alkaline vegetables therefore play an extremely important role in forward-looking preventive health care! Fresh and seasonal vegetables can become the “heroes” of our health, so to speak.

With the new cookbook “Gemüsestars” a balanced cuisine can be easily and uncomplicatedly implemented at home.

Take the time for yourself.

In the Vivamayr hotels, nature, design and health are combined in a perfect way. The sustainable concept is also reflected in the architecture and the interior and thus ensures holistic relaxation, surrounded by wonderful nature.

Vivamayr occupies a very special role among health hotels. Because the essential USPs of the detox resorts are the quality of the medical services in combination with a naturally noble design concept, architecturally immortalized in unique locations such as Altaussee and Maria Wörth. The special features of the Vivamayr detox oases and their influence on the success of the treatment.


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