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Continuous improvement. Only those who pay attention to balance and take responsibility for their own care can increase their performance and also enjoy quality of life. GO Sixt health expert Dr. Udo E. Beckenbauer on burnout prevention.


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To offer the optimal performance in the work process means to find the most important energy sources of the family, the physical needs as well as sport, health and nutrition. Only in this way can a good synergy be created. The failure of individual factors causes the system to collapse. A successful burnout prevention requires a synergy of the different human levels: the level of work, the level of family and private life as well as personal fun and personal individual happiness. These three points must be synergistically brought together, these points must be planned in our short-lived times. Those who do not take this into account are close to burnout.

Work is planned, the family is structured, but personal needs are often not known or not taken seriously, just not planned. Here lies the crucial mistake that opens the doors to burnout in this stressful, short-lived time-scarce world.

Plan your needs!

First of all, ask yourself: What needs do I actually have? What do I enjoy, what do I need to live? Then cold-bloodedly insert these answers into your professional and family life. Discuss this, plan this, and follow through with this. This is the protection of your personality, your psyche, your soul. Only if you stick to this unconditionally, especially during stressful periods at work as well as at home, do you have a chance of avoiding burnout. If I take myself seriously, take responsibility for myself and my well-being, I maintain professional and family processes, because the individual is the heart of the company and the family. The individual is the heart and power source of health.

Making health a matter of course

We can’t just make work processes and optimisation processes a matter of course, we have to make health a matter of course. And we also need to be aware that we live in a technical age where we analyse and know every detail in every process, but not ourselves! The beginning of everything is prevention. Health prevention means, in addition to lifestyle, technical diagnostics, colon cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer prevention, simple, proper diagnostics that should be carried out regularly in a cycle of two years, starting at the age of 35.

Regular check-up for optimal physical and mental fitness

Physical health is the prerequisite to find the line between stress, burnout and resilience at all – to be able to offer the so-called ‘Continuous Improvement’ at all. And then to find the individual psychological neediness, of the family and of one’s own spiritual and ideal world in combination with professional performance. We want an ‘all time high’ not an ‘all time low’. We cannot sufficiently appreciate the assets of our physical and mental health, we can only underestimate them and not respect them enough.

If all this is respected and appreciated, we find a synergy that also goes hand in hand with sensible nutrition. Three times a day is just as important as the gasoline in the car – or how the regular check-up ensures optimal physical and mental fitness. The preventive catalogue of measures makes it possible to achieve the mental and physical optimum for you and your employees. These check-ups are the most important prerequisite for a good body-balance system and for a continuous improvement of human performance at work, in the family and: Everyone for himself.

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