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Healthy skin and a radiant, youthful appearance, who does not find this desirable? Or who doesn't like to hear a compliment like "Wow, you look simply stunning ..."?


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Great skin and look attractive – beauty with every sip

Scientific studies show that beauty has a significant influence on professional success and life satisfaction. No wonder that now not only women but also more and more men attach importance to their appearance and do so much to score in terms of attractiveness with superiors and of course with the opposite sex. Tight, wrinkle-free skin and a beautiful complexion are eye-catchers at first glance and a visible sign of a healthy life in balance. However, stress, hereditary predisposition, environmental toxins or a poor diet can quickly spoil the morning look in the mirror and then the whole day. Good that now an innovative lifestyle drink promises beauty help from within: NEO-V Beauty.

Beauty drink with a promise of effect

NEO-V Beauty is a unique lifestyle drink, which first of all tastes fruity delicious of strawberry and rhubarb and then also pleasantly lightly tingles. But the beauty drink can do more than just taste like summer and refresh. Its promise of effectiveness is based on the special collagen complex = V Beauty, whose collagen peptides are very similar to human collagen. NEO-V Beauty convinces with a high bioavailability and can be absorbed and processed very well by the body.

From a medical perspective, collagen is an important beauty building block in the body. As a structural protein, it serves to give cells and tissue a framework in order to ultimately give them shape and tension. All structural proteins, besides collagen there are for example creatine as well as elastin, thus keep structures elastic and at the same time provide a certain firmness. Simply put, a plus of collagen makes the skin soft and elastic and stretch marks as well as dents can be prevented. Collagen also plays an important role in building muscles and has been shown to keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy.

Small can, but big dose of beauty effects

Even a small can of NEO-V Beauty with 250 ml content is enough to enjoy more skin moisture, a firmer complexion, fewer wrinkles and tighter connective tissue. The promise of action is well thought out: through oral ingestion, the collagen peptides reach the stomach and from there the small intestine. In the digestive system they are split into di-, tri- and oligopeptides as well as free amino acids and passed on through the intestine to unfold all their positive properties in the body. The collagen peptides quickly enter the bloodstream and thus reach the deep layers of the skin (dermis), which cannot be reached by creams and serums. But NEO-V Beauty can do even more, through the blood vessels the ingredients reach the skin all over the body. Here they effectively stimulate the cells in the deep skin layers (fibroblasts) to store collagen and hyaluron.

Studies prove: The beneficial beauty effects of NEO-V Beauty can be felt all over the body after just one month. The drink is even suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers, it contains no dyes or preservatives, has no stimulating effect and has pharmacy approval in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Tip of the GoSixt editorial team: NEO-V Beauty can be mixed very well with prosecco or champagne to a trendy lifestyle drink. The alcohol does not affect the effect of the collagen complex in any way.

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