Support for St. Joseph’s House of Hope, Mombasa

Text Jasmin Boesch
Photos Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation
Poverty is a big factor in the area around the school. St. Joseph's House of Hope School in Mombasa, Kenya, a help alliance project, also enables children from socially disadvantaged families to attend school.


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In recent years, the school has grown into a complex educational institution, with offerings ranging from kindergarten to high school graduation. A special focus is on the practical training that enables young people to learn a trade. At the moment, mainly locksmiths, carpenters, car mechanics and tailors are trained there. Nevertheless, many people attach great importance to haircuts and nail care. With the support of the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation DryingTears and ConTribute, it has been possible to expand the range of courses on offer to include new training classes for cooking, baking and catering as well as hair, beauty and massage salons. Massages provide relief from pain and the production of baked goods and preparation and delivery of food are needed all over the world. Therefore, after completing their training, the trainees can work anywhere in the country and also in the neighboring regions, self-employed or employed. This contributes significantly to the improvement of their lives.

TRÄNCHEN TROCKEN and “ConTribute” – a strong partnership

Condor and SIXT are delighted to be able to put their strong partnership of many years at the service of the most vulnerable in our society.


In addition to concrete aid projects at home and abroad, the Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe TränchenTrocknen also drives forward a number of its own initiatives. These are realized by countless volunteers and globally operating partners.


You can directly support Tränchen Trocknen with your donation.
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