Drying Little Tears Day / Basel

Text Beat Frisch
Photos Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation
In autumn 2019, the time had finally come, employees of Sixt in Basel visited the Tempelacker Zentrum and were already joyfully awaited by the Tempelacker team. With our flexible and needs-oriented offers, the Tempelacker Center is an expert in the field of child care and therapy.


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The well-being of the children entrusted to them is the focus. Therefore, it was an important concern for the SIXT employees to support Tempelacker with a DRYING LITTLE TEARS DAY. After a short round of introductions and a tour of the institution, things got underway. The plan was to sand down and repaint the fence around the playground area and to replace the plexiglass covers of two shelters for prams and bicycles. Unfortunately, due to the rain, a few days earlier, the fence could not be worked on. The caretaker had already prepared an alternative for this and provided us with some worn out children’s benches, which had to be sanded and painted. One team took care of the two shelters and another team took care of the children’s benches.

Renewal of playground equipment and furniture

Since SIXT employees are the first who are socially involved in the Tempelacker (only available in German) and there has never been such an action there, slight skepticism arose with the caretaker, whether the tasks will be carried out properly and conscientiously. But the scepticism vanished immediately when he saw how committed and with how much joy the employees of Sixt Basel were. After the work was done there was a short exchange. Everyone was satisfied with the work done and the next assignment is already being planned.

The Tempelacker team would like to thank the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation team and Mrs. Regine Sixt for giving SIXT employees the opportunity to get involved in social projects through the company.


In addition to concrete aid projects at home and abroad, the Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe TränchenTrocknen also drives forward a number of its own initiatives. These are realized by countless volunteers and globally operating partners.


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Further information: https://drying-little-tears.org/en/



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