Construction of a learning center at the tal chaim school in israel

Text Jasmin Boesch
Photos Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation
The Tal Chaim School is an elementary school in Kiryat Menachem, a small town southwest of Jerusalem’s center. The community was founded in the 1950’s, when many people migrated from Northern Africa to Israel.


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Today, about 17,000 people live here. The Jerusalem Foundation, a globally active, independent and non-profit organization with its headquarters in Jerusalem, has made it its mission to fight poverty in Kiryat Menachem and to make education accessible to children and young people. The ChemedSchool was founded 60 years ago. Currently, around 120 children from the 1st to the 6th grade learn here. About a quarter of them come from migrant families from Ethiopia and most of them grow up in very poor circumstances. For them, the school is a place where they can not only learn, but also play with other children without any worries.

Interactive learning spaces for the playful learning of natural sciences for children

It is the wish of the school management that lessons do not only take place at the table in the classroom, but that special learning centers, so-called “interactive learning rooms” are created, in which the children can learn in a playful way. The focus here is on the subjects of math, Hebrew and science. In the long term, 300 children should be able to go to school here.

The Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation DryingTears has already realized several projects together with the JerusalemFoundation in recent years – also in the Chemed School. Already in 2018, a learning center was created and equipped with financial support from the Regine Sixt Children’s Aid Foundation. Now a second “Interactive Learning Room” has followed. This will ensure that in the future, even with an increasing number of students, all children will be able to enjoy special age- and need-based access to education.


In addition to concrete aid projects at home and abroad, the Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe TränchenTrocknen also drives forward a number of its own initiatives. These are realized by countless volunteers and globally operating partners.


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